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In biology, any group of fish that stay together for social reasons are shoaling and if the group is .... not by the individual fish. Emergent properties give an evolutionary advantage to members of...

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Shoaling; How fish school; Both advantages and disadvantages ... predation; Initiation of schooling from environmental factors after morphological evolution.

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Shoaling • How fish school • Both advantages and disadvantages Relevance • Impact on ... of schooling from environmental factors after morphological evolution ...

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Fish in schools benefit from increased vigilance and. as a consequence of ... There are however a number of constraints on the evolution of schooling and asso-.

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Sep 16, 2011 ... How and why do large numbers of fish group together in massive ... The second advantage of schooling is to boost the group's foraging ...

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Schooling in fish is an emergent state of fish behavior in which a group of fish move .... variety in types of schooling speak both to the evolutionary advantage of  ...

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Jun 23, 2015 ... Evolutionary Feeding Advantages of “Warm Fish” Now Affected by ... Fellow in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) at ...

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Dec 5, 2010 ... Schooling fishes have been observed and pondered over by ... who study the behaviour of animals) view behaviour as a product of evolution, ... Defense against predators is the most frequently cited advantage of schooling.

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Aug 17, 2012 ... NEARLY four-fifths of the 28,000 known species of fish swim in schools, harmoniously aligning their movements with others around them.

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CHONDRICHTHYES, the jawed fish with cartilaginous skeletons. ..... Evolution has a keen ability in finding weaknesses in any system, and it has done so with ... only by accident), a fish may gain a swimming advantage by being in a school.