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The frost line—also known as frost depth or freezing depth—is most commonly the depth to which the groundwater in soil is expected to freeze. The frost depth ...

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Comment: Which version of the Massachusetts Electrical Code should be used with the 8th .... The 8th Edition does not specify a particular frost line depth.

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Jan 19, 2001 ... shall be adequate in number and depth and so located to ... THE MASSACHUSETTS STATE BUILDING CODE. 310 ..... 1806.1 Frost protection: All permanent supports of ... parallel to footings shall not extend below the line of.

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The average frost line is Massachusetts is between 30 and 35”. The best source of information regarding your frost line depth is your local building department.

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When you excavate your footings you will need to reach below the frost line depths. This is the depth at which the moisture present in the soil is expected to ...

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In Massachusetts isn't the frost line 48 inches? Does this mean that my ... I am from the midwest, frost depth is to be 36" deep. I have been in the ...

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When you excavate your footings you will need to dig below the frost line.This is the depth at which the moisture present in the soil is expected to freeze.

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frost line. That is copied from the MA code for 2011 located at. ... Code does require footings, in some cases you could catch a break on depth.



5" 10" 15" 20" 25"30" 35". 40". 45" 50". 55" 60". 60+". 0". 5". 10". 15". 20". 25". 30". 35". 40". 45". 50". 55". 60". AVERAGE FROST DEPTH. (Inches). 20"

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Everything I read says to go past the frost line you must go 4 feet deep.