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Opahs are large, colorful, deep-bodied pelagic lampriform fishes comprising the small family ... It is popular in Hawaii, especially in restaurants. An average of 35 % of an opah's weight is consumable, with the remaining 65% being bone and .... Polski · Русский · Simple English · Suomi · Svenska · Українська · Winaray · 中文.


Hawaiian Language; Hawaiian Words to English Words. ... Pa`u, A woman's skirt worn horseback riding. Pea, Avocado. Pehea, How. Pepeluali, February.


Hawaiian Word, English Definition ... ho`opa`a, to make firm; to learn. ho`opa`a hau, to freeze something. ho`opa`a noho, reserve a seat. ho`opae, bring shore; ...


see here the translation for the vocabulary: from mamake to manawa. From the dictionary: Hawaiian - English . ... mana'o'i'o = faith; mana'olana = hope; mana' ona'o = heartsick; mana'opa'a = convinced; manaka = boring; manako = mango ...


Visitors to Hawaii are commonly amazed at the long Hawaiian place names and long ... There is no "o," for example, pronounced one way in a word like "come," ... ho'opa'a {noun-stative verb} Drummer and hula chanter (the memorizer); to ...


Hawaiian - English dictionary online at Glosbe, free. Browse 3445 phrases and 10000 ready translation memories.


There is no equivalent for it in English nor can it be translated. .... A weapon or club thrown in fighting; O ka poe ike i ka laau oala, pa aku i ka newa. 2. A tossing  ...


Look up any word by double-clicking on it. All dictionaries on this site are individually searchable, cover-to-cover, here. Hawaiian Dictionary (Pukui/Elbert ...



Hawaiian, (Hawaiian: "`Ōlelo Hawai`i", IPA ha'vʌiʔi) along with English, is an official language of ... The necessity of both the `okina and the kahakō is illustrated by the following word set (' indicates the primary stress): .... Mai ho`opā mai ia`u!