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History[edit] ... Ancient and medieval Chinese sources describe kites being used ... Later, tailless kites incorporated a stabilizing bowline.

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The earliest written account of kite flying was about 200 B.C. when the Chinese General Han Hsin of the Han Dynasty flew a kite over the walls of a city he was ...

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Early Kite Adventures Though the exact origin of kites are not known, it is known that they were flown in China and the Malay Archipelago two to three thousand.

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Dr. Keith Ray surveys the history of the kite in China. The article is taken from SACU's China Eye magazine 2004. The kite is something children all over the ...

Kites: A brief history for students and teachers - Peter Batchelor


As we don't have the actual kites, we have to rely on traditions, legends, illustrations and documents to chart the historical development of kites. It is currently ...

Chinese Kites, the History and culture of Chinese Kites


Introduction to history and culture of Chinese kites, including construction, Weifang Kite traditions and more.

What If? 19 Alternate Histories Imagining a Very Different World ...


Jan 9, 2014 ... Alternate history, long popular with fiction writers, has also been explored by historians and journalists. Here are some of their intriguing ...

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What Ifs? of American History, subtitled Eminent Historians Imagine What Might Have Been, ... using the same gimmick, experts speculate on how things might have worked out differently if some pivota...

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This new volume in the widely praised series presents fascinating what if... ... A pleasure for history buffs longing to engage in some footloose imagination, this ...