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edit]. City, county, and local jurisdictions (to include sovereign Indian nations located within a state boundary) may ...

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The implications of this is that carrying concealed a non-hunting knife that ... The law makes no distinction on folding or fixed blade. .... Does Michigan allow a person to carry a Katana (or similar sword like weapon) on their person in public.

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Apr 10, 2015 ... A knife gives you the ability to cut stuff and carrying one with you ... idea to bring that kitchen knife to a public place and wave it around. ... Gravity Knife: A folding knife where the blade can "fall" open due to the force of gravity.

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Knives <3.5" are illegal to carry concealed with intent to use as a weapon, but otherwise are okay: A.P.E. v People 20 ... Folding knives must be carried closed: Walls v State 730 So. ... It is also illegal to carry any such knife to a public gathering. In short, don't ever claim self defense as a reason for carrying a conc...

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It is illegal to carry any sharp or bladed instrument in a public place (with the exception of a folding pocket knife, ... A lock knife is not a folding pocket knife and therefore it is illegal to carry around such a knife regardless of the length of the blade (if you do not have reasonable excuse). ... Police National Legal Database.

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Jan 22, 2015 ... The laws on buying and carrying a knife depend on the type of knife, ... in public without good reason - unless it's a knife with a folding blade 3 ...

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Oct 12, 2015 ... 20.10 – Weapons - Possession in Public - Prohibited .... First, remember that carrying any weapon, even one that's legal, can cause you a .... dagger, ice pick, knife having a blade longer than 2 1/2 inches, folding knife with a ...

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And finally, the blade needs to have at ... And you can carry it concealed so ... place or place open to the public, ... are two or more inches in length and ...

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Dec 3, 2012 ... They are illegal to carry in public, concealed or open. Penal Code section 17235. For fixed blades (known as a dirk or dagger), or a folding knife in the open ... Carrying a concealed dirk or dagger is illegal pursuant to Penal ...

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I usually carry a small 2-2.5" blade folding knife in my pocket, but Im wondering if it is legal to carry a 3.5" straight blade in a sheath on my belt?

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California's law prohibits carrying concealed “dirks” and “daggers. ... Folding knives (other than switchblades) may be carried concealed on your ... There are additional restrictions on carrying knives into schools and other public buildings.

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Pocket knives, most likely those would be the folding knives are legal, while ... There is also penal code 171.b which deals with the knives in public buildings. ... for concealed carry of the folding knives and there is no limit to the blade length.

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Jun 3, 2015 ... Than 2 ½ inches on the grounds of any Private/Public College or .... Carrying a folding-type knife with a blade not exceeding 3½ inches in ...

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Sep 1, 2015 ... consider carrying a knife in this fashion as being concealed. ... No person in any public park or recreation area shall: carry any weapons ... NYC has been charging people for any type folding knife stating they are Gravity ...

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Carrying knives concealed is legal in California for most knives. ... Possesses the knife in the passenger's or driver's area of any motor vehicle in any public place or place ... Isn't there no length limit on a folding knife as long as it's concealed?