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Furthermore, the term implies that a screwdriver has a "head"; it does not. Such a flat-headed screw may have a slotted, cross, ...

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A flat-head screwdriver is a tool used to either tighten or loosen slotted screws with a single indentation in the head. Flat-head screwdrivers are available in both  ...

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The old flat head, or blade screwdriver is still around. From time to time you even need it to work on your car. Be sure you know its limitations, or feel free to ...

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By Bob Formisano. Definition: A "flat blade screwdriver" is a standard hand tool having a flat bladed tip used to turn, fasten or loosen screws and bolts. The flat ...

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cabinet tip screwdriver General Tool Discussion. ... What does the term cabinet tipped screwdriver refer to? I realize that the tip is ... the tips are typically thinner vs the "standard" slotted tip profile in the same tip width. A very ...

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Phillips-screwdriver definition, a screw head having two partial slots crossed at right angles, driven by a special screwdriver (Phillips screwdriver) See more.

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I've heard. Slotted screwdriver; Cabinet tip screwdriver; Standard screwdriver; Screwdriver (as opposed to Phillips screwdriver). Of course, flathead means totally ...

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Feb 18, 2010 ... A slot head screwdriver consists of a single, flat blade that fits in the single ... which means you'll have to use more muscle to drive the screw.

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Noun. (plural Phillips screwdrivers). A screwdriver having a cross-shaped tip rather than the rectangular tip of a standard (flat-blade) screwdriver. Origin.

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Flat Blade Screwdrivers. The flat blade screwdriver and matching screws with a vertical slash through their heads are the ... Nevertheless, it is one by definition.

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a screwdriver with a flat wedge-shaped tip that fits into a slot in the head of a screw.

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Define flat tip screwdriver. flat tip screwdriver synonyms, flat tip screwdriver pronunciation, flat tip screwdriver translation, English dictionary definition of flat tip ...

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Screwdriver definition, a hand tool for turning a screw, consisting of a handle ... which tapers and flattens out to a tip that fits into the slotted head of a screw.