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The water caltrop is any of three extant species of the genus Trapa: Trapa natans, T. bicornis and the endangered Trapa rossica. It is also known as water chestnut, buffalo nut, bat nut, devil pod, ling nut, ... or singara (সিঙ্গারা). The plant's name in Japanese is hishi, a word meaning "diamond- or lozenge-shaped".


Kaju katli (literally "cashew slice"), also known as kaju Katari or kaju barfi, is an Indian dessert similar to a barfi. Kaju means cashew nut in Hindi. ... and flattened in a shallow, flat-bottomed dish and cut into bite-sized diamond-shaped pieces.


Knowing what the different parts of a fence are called will make it easier to ask ... of metal shaped to fit around a post and used with a carriage bolt and nut to ... Diamond - The mesh opening formed by the woven wires in chain link fence fabric.


Follow the key until it ends in the name of a species, and then compare your .... that split to base of nut; bark with broad interlacing, diamond-shaped ridges with  ...


Bark is smooth on young trees and forms shallow furrows in an x-shaped ... The bark of older Bitternut Hickory trees has shallow x- shaped marks ..... Branches often have bushy growths called witches-brooms. ..... distinctive diamond-shaped .


Aug 1, 2012 ... Nut shapes (flower-bulb shaped, bulbous). Many nut-shaped fossils are fossil echinoderms called blastoids. These are especially common in ...


on two cards to reveal the shapes and names. Once you ... SQUARE. DIAMOND ... Our NumberNut memory challenges are a good break from the usual quizzes.


My dad has always been crazy about nuts, so when I came upon this recipe, I knew I had to try it. The diamond shape is a nice addition to the Christmas cookie  ...


Baklava is a delicacy found throughout the Arab world. The Jews who came to Israel from Arab countries continue to prepare and enjoy the taste of baklava.