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Dehydration refers to a deficit of total body water, with an accompanying disruption of metabolic ... The term dehydration is distinct from hypovolemia (loss of blood volume, particularly plasma). ....

Hyponatremia and the Dangers of Over-Hydration - RoguePaddler ...


Even if most people have never heard the term "hyponatremia," or its more common nickname "over-hydration," it is a real danger to people who participate in ...

Overhydration: Is the Fear of Dehydration Causing you to Drink Too ...


Mar 4, 2013 ... Overhydration, on the other hand, is a more serious condition with .... this article brought to light the real danger of over-consuming fluids while ...

Hyponatremia - Mayo Clinic


Hyponatremia is a condition that occurs when the level of sodium in your blood is abnormally low. Sodium is an electrolyte, and it helps regulate the amount of ...

MDMA De-Hydration & Over Hydration Effects - Erowid


Jun 26, 2000 ... Dehydration, Over-Hydration & Heat Stroke by Erowid ... The dangers of drinking water obsessively while high are real. If you're drinking a lot of ...

The Serious Problem of Drinking Too Much Water to Athletes


Jul 13, 2012 ... Official advice to guzzle water before, during and after endurance sports ... “ Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports.” ... and diabetes complications, to name but a few of their adverse effects.

Georgia high school athlete dies from apparent over-hydration


Aug 11, 2014 ... ... too many liquids during football practice. Doctors said that is called "over- hydration." And local health officials want families to be aware of it.

Water Intoxication Affects More Than Runners And Triathletes - Dr ...


May 1, 2015 ... Looking at the problems of hydration and sodium regulation must be ... Fearing health concerns from dehydration, race officials shut the race down for many runners. ... For example, Bud Light was the Hawaii Ironman title sponsor in the ... sodium, in four endurance athletes competing for over seven hours.

Dehydration vs. Overhydration | Biomechanics Fitness and ...


Sep 7, 2011 ... ... contradict what takes place during actual athletic performance, and may also introduce unnecessary health risks associated with overhydration. ... leading to a condition called hyponatremia, which is the term for a drop in ...

Water, Hydration and Health - NCBI - National Institutes of Health


Indeed, the fine intrinsic regulation of hydration and water intake in individuals .... activities in a well-hydrated state and to drink fluids over and above the thirst threshold. ..... then refer to a full meta-analysis of the effects of added water on energy intake. ... As with the United States data, none are based on long-term car...

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Overhydration | definition of overhydration by Medical dictionary


Meaning of overhydration medical term. What does overhydration ... Medical Dictionary. Legal Dictionary. Financial Dictionary. Acronyms. Idioms. Encyclopedia.

Beware water intoxication or over hydration!!! : Coachella - Reddit


Apr 15, 2015 ... Over hydration will kill you and often kills people at raves/events. .... reflection of your body's WATER balance, and has very little to do with actual total ... SIADH, as the name implies, is when the body does this inappropriately.

Gatorade, Over-Hydration, and Death | THE RUSSELLS


Aug 21, 2014 ... And as of right now we don't know the full story behind Zyrees' death. ... an awareness campaign to spread the word about the dangers of over-drinking and EAHE. ... “death from overhydration is rare but also preventable.