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H-1B Start: General Legal Information Summary The H-1B is a temporary United States work ... Does it require someone with at least a bachelor's degree? For example .... What are the criteria that companies follow for sponsoring H1B visas ?

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Aug 28, 2015 ... To be eligible for an H1B, an employee must demonstrate: Full state licensure for the position, if it's ... Costs for sponsoring H1B visas depend on the size of the company. ... Otherwise, the application takes anywhere from 2 to 6 months process. ... Someone will be in touch shortly to schedule your demo.

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Apr 7, 2014 ... If you need help with H1B visas (or other types of visas) you should come check ... to qualify for this sponsorship, the employee must hold a position that requires ... they can also be helpful during the H-1B application process.

H1B Transfer - Transfer of H1B visa to another sponsor employer


If the person is currently working on an H-1B visa for one employer (or has ... Many people, including some immigration attorneys, call this process an "H1 ...

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how to transfer a current H1B visa to a new job / employer ... soon as an H1B transfer petition is 'submitted' to the USCIS by the new employer (sponsor company). .... 8) What if a person holding a H1B for Company 'A', applies for an H1B transfer through Company ... H1B Visa Requirements to Qualify for an H1B Work Visa

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H1B Documents and Information Required to File a Visa Application ... must 1st obtain a job with a company who will sponsor/apply for your H1B visa - start here ... The company's minimum requirements for the job (i.e. degree or work experience required) ... H1B Visa Procedure for Filing - for H1B Regular Processing

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Step 2 - Then the US Company files for your H1B visa with the US ... H1B TRANSFER - Procedure for H1B Visa Transfer to New H1B Sponsor Company .... The USCIS has taken the position that a person is only authorized to work at the ...

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Below are some key requirements you must fulfill to apply for an H-1B Visa. ... + How do I demonstrate an employer-employee relationship if I own my own company? ... that it can only be performed by someone with at least a bachelor's degree in .... USCIS can review and process the petition and determine eligibility for the ...

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h1b visa 2018 sponsors paying fees for aplication .... of contacts, unless you personally know someone who have gone through such a lottery process. ... And since it failed as company itself was not eligible, so I should not pay for their failure.

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H1B Visa Application - 'Regular' Process. Home / ... Offer & Acceptance of H1B Employment - H1B Sponsoring Company files a petition on your behalf.