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If you want to sue someone who lives in another state and doesn't travel to your state, you will have to sue in the state where the person lives, not in the state ...

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Not every jurisdiction will allow you to sue an out-of-state defendant in small claims court. ... If that person never comes to the state, you may not be able to sue them in ... The rules and procedures are more relaxed, so you'll have to do much of ...

Personal Jurisdiction: How to Determine Where a Person Can Be ...


Personal Jurisdiction: How to Determine Where a Person Can Be Sued ... In practice, this means that even if the incident took place in another state or even in another country, you can always be sued in the state in which you ... Next Steps.

How to sue someone who lives in another state? The state I'm in is ...


The answer depends on whether New York has jurisdiction over the other person related to the ... The state I'm in is NY and the person I wish to sue is in NJ.

How to Have Legal Documents Served in Another State


Jan 20, 2015 ... So, you need to serve someone out of state. ... defendants not residing in the state in which the lawsuit was filed. ... For example, in Kansas, process servers must request special permission of the county clerk to serve process.

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Jun 5, 2010 ... When a resident of one state wants to bring a resident of another state into ... Second, that process may not violate due process under the U.S. ...

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To file a lawsuit in court, you have to be someone directly affected by the legal dispute ... A parent can take another parent to court for custody of the children. .... The California Secretary of State keeps a record of the names and addresses of the officers of corporations and their agents for service of process (court papers).

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Can you sue someone (or a business) in small claims court if you do not reside in the state that they do?

How to File a Lawsuit - With or Without a Lawyer


If you are considering filing a lawsuit against someone else, you need to ... ago, you are out of luck as the statute of limitations in that state is 2 years for a .... Next in the petition process, you must list your causes of action, or the claims that you ...

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This person moved out of state before I got to file in small claims. ... Having someone serve her with process for you will be another $50 I think.

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You can't just sue someone in your home state if the defendant doesn't live in your state, ... An individual who is a citizen of another state solicits business by making ... To learn more about the civil trial process, get Represent Yourself in Court: ...

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Here are some things to think about before deciding to start a lawsuit. ... If you are suing someone from a different state, a court in your state may not have power ...

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Learn the legal steps for filing a suit in small claims court with Rocket Lawyer. ... Out-of-state small claims lawsuits tend to be expensive and unwieldy. ... Generally, the person you're suing has twenty days to file an answer your claim ( thirty ...