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A tablespoon is a large spoon used for eating or serving. In most English- speaking regions, the term now refers to a large spoon used for serving, however , in some regions, including parts of Canada...

ABBREVIATIONS USED IN RECIPES T., tbs., tb., tbsp. = tablespoon ...


ABBREVIATIONS USED IN RECIPES. T., tbs., tb., tbsp. = tablespoon pk. = peck tsp., t. = teaspoon bu. = bushel c. ... 1 standard size marshmallow. 4 1/2 cups of ...

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Recipes are full of culinary codes like abbreviations and weird measurements ... Abbreviation(s), What It Stands For. C, c, cup. g, gram. kg, kilogram. L, l, liter.

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Equivalent Measures and Abbreviations. In Betty's recipes, we have used the larger measurement—1/4 cup, not 4 tablespoons—but this ... 5 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon = 1/3 cup ... The email address does not adhere to the proper format.

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Apr 20, 2005 ... Hola ojyram, cup is taza teaspoon is cucharadita tablespoon is cucharada OR But the problem I've found in translating US recipes to Spanish ...

Measurement Abbreviations and Conversions


Pat's comments about recipe abbreviations: You are correct. Capital T means Tablespoon* (15g or 15ml), and lower case t means teaspoon (5g or 5ml).

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measuring abbreviations used in the recipes on this site. ... His idea of a teaspoon is any spoon he might use to stir tea and a cup is any cup he might use for ...

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Liquid Measures, Measurement Abbreviations & Metric Conversions. HOME this chart is ... 1 fluid ounce. 28.35 grams. 29.57 ml. 1/8 cup. 8 Tablespoons. 4 fluid ounces. 1/4 pint. 118.28 ml .... Baking Soda & Baking Powder. 1 oz. = 2 Tbsp. oz.

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1 gallon = 4 quarts = 3.78 l. ABBREVIATIONS cup = C ounce = oz quart = qt gallon = gal ounce = oz pint = pt pound = lb quart = qt tablespoon = T or Tbsp

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Measurements and abbreviations of common baking terms. ... 1/6 Cup, = 2 Tablespoons + 2 Teaspoons. 1/4 Cup, = 4 Tablespoons. 1/3 Cup, = 5 Tablespoons + ...

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Recipe Abbreviations approx. = approximate tsp or t. = teaspoon. Tbsp or T = tablespoon c. = cup pt. = pint qt. = quart gal. = gallon wt. = weight oz. = ounce.

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Common U.S. Cooking Abbreviations and Measurements ... You can't accurately measure flour in a liquid measuring cup, and though you can pour liquid into a ...