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Cyperus rotundus is a species of sedge (Cyperaceae) native to Africa, southern and central ... The names "nut grass" and "nut sedge" – shared with the related species Cyperus esculentus – are derived from its tubers, that somewhat resemble ...


Family: Cyperaceae. Duration: Perennial. Growth Habit: Graminoid. Native Status : HI I L48 I PB I PR I VI I. Other Common Names: kili'o'opu purple nutsedge


Scientific Name: Cyperus rotundus ... English, –, Nut-grass ... Range Description: This species has an almost global distribution and is absent only from northern ...


Learn more about the Nut-grass - with amazing Nut-grass photos and facts on ... The shape of the tubers gives the nut-grass its scientific name, 'rotundus', ...


Mar 7, 2013 ... A historical botanical drawing of yellow nutsedge, Cyperus ... Nutgrass is the common term for what a weed expert said is technically nutsedge.


Oct 21, 2015 ... Preferred Scientific Name; Cyperus rotundus .... English: coco grass; java grass; nut sedge; nutgrass; purple nut-grass; purple nut-sedge; red ...


Depending on your turf type and latitude, you can help control nutsedge or nutgrass by changing the way you mow. Mowing your lawn at the proper height, ...


Descriptions and articles about the Nutgrass, scientifically known as Cyperus rotundus in the Encyclopedia of Life. ... For current distribution, please consult the Plant Profile page for this species on the PLANTS Web site. ... Alternative names.


Common names. Also known as: Coco grass, Ground almond, Java grass, Red nutgrass,. Family. Cyperaceae ... This species is thought to be native to parts of Asia and Africa, but its exact origin is obscure. It is found throughout most regions  ...


Family: Cyperaceae. Names: Cyperus is from the Greek kypeiros or the Latin ... Nutgrass refers to the nut like tubers on the roots and the grass like leaves.