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Culinary nuts are dry, edible fruits or seeds that usually, but not always, have a high fat content. Nuts are used in a wide variety of edible roles, including in baking, as snacks (either roasted or raw), and as flavoring. In addition to botanical nuts, fruits and seeds that have a similar appearance .... Korean pine ( Pinus koraiensis), a pine-nut yielding species native to Asia.


Lychee (variously spelled litchi, liechee, liche, lizhi or li zhi, or lichee) (Litchi chinensis; Chinese: 荔枝; pinyin: lìzhī) is the sole member of the genus Litchi in the soapberry family, Sapindaceae. ... Binomial name. Litchi chinensis. Sonn. .... and darkens. Dried lychees are often called lychee nuts, though they are not a real nut.


Most selections should be hardy to around -30° F. In the native Asian habitat of this species the vines typically grow wild in trees, where they are known to climb  ...


Other Commonly Used Names: white walnut, oilnut. Previously Used Scientific Names: Wallia cinerea (Linnaeus) Alefeld. Family: Juglandaceae (walnut) ... Butternut trees are infected by an exotic fungus, the butternut canker (Sirococcus  ...


Common and Exotic Fruit & Nut Trees for the ... method because we have been so busy we didn't have the time to tend to our garden the official, proper, scientific way. .... Passionflower got its name from Christianity, as in the Passion of Christ.


Kukui Nut: Rare Fruit Seeds and Exotic Tropical Fruit Seeds. ... Melia Scientific Melia koetjape is a scientific name for the Santol. Santol is also knows as katon or ...


See more ideas about Exotic fruit, Tropical fruits and Fruit trees. ... See More. Canarium ovatum (Pili Nut) is a tropical fruit tree · Exotic .... See More. Araza or Araca Boi Botanical name: Eugenia stipitata Family: Myrtaceae Origin: Brazil Avg.


Exotic Fruits for Cheese. ... Got it! This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website .... Lime & Chilli Exotic Fruit for Cheese ...


Every plant is supposed to have a ''correct" botanical name, and -can have only one such. ... The attempt has been made to adhere to the principle also in the case of exotic ^^ plants, but it ..... Fruit, Monkey-bread, Bread-nut, Sour -gourd; Ger.