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Is student's a plural possessive or a singular possessive? The form student's is the singular ... The singular possessive form is fairy's (the fairy's wings). 3 people  ...

What is plural possessive for fairy - Answers.com


Is citys plural plural possessive or singular or singular possessive? The word " citys" is an incorrect spelling for the plural noun city. To show possession, an ...

What is the singular and plural possessive form of word fairy


The singular possessive form is fairy's (the fairy's wings).

Examples of Plural Possessive Nouns


lural nouns denote a quantity more than one and possessive nouns show ... See some plural possessive nouns here. ... The fairies' wings were iridescent.

What is the singular of fairy - Answers.com


The singular noun is fairy, the plural form is fairies. ... The singular possessive form is fairy's (the fairy's wings). 3 people found this useful. Edit. Share to:.

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Here's a fun, free, online parts of speech activity about singular, plural, and possessive nouns. Read circus-themed sentences. Answer Multiple-choice and ...

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Singular, Plural, and Possessive Nouns ... b) Fairy's c) Fairies d) Faries. 3. Princess Jasmine was riding her fastest unicorn to Princess ______ birthday party.

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English from ca. 1300, first in the sense of "enchantment, illusion, dream" and later "realm of the fays, fairy-land" or "the inhabitants of fairyland as a collective".

Crystal Clear Proofing: Apostrophe Use With Possessive Nouns


Nov 3, 2009 ... To form the possessive of a singular noun not ending in an s sound, add ... Plural nouns that end in s take only an apostrophe, while singular ...

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Below are some more examples with singular and plural possessors. ... (toilets belonging to all ladies, i.e., more than one); The fairies' wings glistened in the ... Finally, joint ownership is shown by making the last word in the series possessive .