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In English, possessive words or phrases exist for nouns and most pronouns, as well as some ... Singular nouns ending in -s can also form a possessive regularly by adding -'s, .... IV); that poor mother of mine (Thackery, "Barry Lyndon", chapter I ); Any Friend of Nicholas Nickleby's is a Friend of Mine, and frequent uses of the ...


I wrote this post in February 2015 as a result of another question: Possessing your name possessively by The Naked Listener on Quora. The quick answer is -- you'll ...


What's up with the possessive form of "Thomas," "Chris," and other names that end in "s"? When it comes to names that end in “s” (Nicholas, Chris, James, Morris, Thomas, etc.), forming the ... A singular name is a singular name. Right, James?


What is correct Nicholas' or Nicholas's. 2nd June 2009. anonymous. +0. It is pronounced 'Nicholas-ess', and actually, modern names should take the 's: ...


Nicholas's Birthday or Nicholas' Birthday? Thanks for any ... To form the possessive of one-syllable singular nouns that end in s, add 's. James's ...


We form possessives from singular nouns by adding an apostrophe ( ' ) and an ... singular noun + 's = possessive form ... Nick = Nick's daughter is 6 years old.


Aug 4, 2016 ... For singular possessive nouns the general rule is to add an 's' along with ... This means that 'Nicholas' journal article' is the correct form when ...


Apr 4, 2009 ... Discussion among translators, entitled: Possessives for names ending in S. Forum name: ... UPS (United Parcel Service) as a singular form should take an apostrophe and "s", thus "UPS's". ... Nicholas' or Nicolas's [...]"


Singular nouns that end in s present special problems. Imagine that your ... Sentence B is correct because Woodses is a plural, not a possessive. In sentence A ...


Feb 26, 2000 ... You would say "He gave the money to me," so when you add Nick, you ... It's doubtful if you'll ever see the word past in the possessive ('s) form. ... When you're using the word as a modifier, use its singular form, "freshman.