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What is the singular possessive and plural possesssive of circus, goose, monkey person, mouse, country, calf, baby, tooth?? Mister Micawber: circus's, circuses'

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The possessive form of the noun calf is calf's. example: The calf's feet were caked with mud.

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The plural form of the noun calf is calves. The plural possessive form is calves'. Examples: The ... What is the singular possessive of the word calf?

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This article at donnayoung.org briefly explanis Noun: Singular and Plural forms and the singular and plural ... singular possessive, boy's, fox's, goose's, child's.

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young cow," Old English cealf young cow," from West Germanic *kalbam (cf. Middle Dutch calf, Old Norse kalfr, German Kalb, Gothic kalbo), perhaps from PIE  ...

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Nouns can be conjugated in either singular or plural form. ... fireman/firemen; foot /feet; goose/geese; louse/lice; man/men; mouse/mice ... Possessive Plurals.

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The misuse of the possessive -s is a grammatical error that plagues all sorts of writers. The possessive ... Calf (singular) becomes calves (plural). Nouns that end ...

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Joan from the U.S. asked about the plural possessive form of deer. ... answer here which implies that learner's is always singular and learners' plural possessive.

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Regular Plurals | Irregular Plurals | Latin | Singular ... calf - calves | half - halves | wolf - wolves. But this ... Some nouns have identical plural and singular forms.

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Calves is the standard plural of calf in all its senses. Two young cows are calves, and the back portions of your lower legs are also calves. Calfs has never been ...

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Match the singular and possessive nouns with their plural forms. ... men, men's. horse, horse's. horses, horses'. calf, calf's. calves, calves'. teacher, teacher's.

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child - children; woman - women; person - people; goose - geese; mouse - mice; deer - ... To make a singular noun possessive, add an apostrophe and an “s.

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She pronounced the plural of calf, which is spelled calves, as [kăfs]. ... And of course, I'm aware that the correct form should be dwarfs, but since Tolkien ... relic is the adjective 'elfin' which comes from the former possessive (genative) plural of  ...