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This page provides lists of best-selling single-volume books and book series to date and in any language. "Best selling" refers to the estimated number of copies sold of each book, .... Ha...

Facts & Figures 2013: For Children's Books, Divergent Led the Pack


Mar 14, 2014 ... In 2010, Jeff Kinney's Wimpy Kid came out on top (11.5 million copies sold), followed closely by Rick ... But for all other titles, the percentage of e-books to total sales was much smaller: only 16 children's books sold more than 200,000 copies digitally last year, ..... Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoeni...

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... Books. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was published by Arthur A. Levine ... It quickly broke all records for the greatest number of books sold on the first weekend of ... In February 2010 the UK- based arm of the charity became Lumos.

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Jun 26, 2010 ... (That seven-book series has sold 400 million copies worldwide and are ... 75% of total book sales, reports that The Lightning Thief has sold 1.8 million copies ... Where the globally stratospheric success of the Harry Potter novels hinged ... professor, which won a number of awards in the mystery genre field.

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Jul 31, 2013 ... Happy birthday, J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter! ... the final installment in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, sold on its first day of release in the U.S. and U.K.. 450 million. Number of Harry Potter books in print, worldwide ... Amount, in dollars, of the total budget of all eight Harry Potter movies ...

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Nov 12, 2010 ... 400 million Harry Potter books sold worldwide ... 23 Sep 2010 ... 7 the number of Harry Potters who appear in the Dursleys' sitting room in the ...

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Mar 19, 2012 ... ... Mockingjay, following in the style of Harry Potter and Twilight, will be split into ... 4.3 million: The number of The Hunger Games series books sold in the ... in the United States in 2011—more than double the number sold in 2010. ... 23.5 million+: The total number of copies sold in the United States alone.

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Nov 16, 2001, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, $125,000,000, $90,294,621 ... Nov 19, 2010, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I, $125,000,000 ...

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Jul 8, 2011 ... As the Harry Potter franchise draws to a close with the premier last night of ... the world's largest book tracking service, as they collect total transaction ... is the most popular with a volume of 3,844,316 sales during 2008-2010.

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Jul 15, 2011 ... Even before the first ticket was sold to Harry Potter and the Deathly ... Total U.S. box office barely scratches 9 percent of Harry's $21 billion ... and trinkets add up to more revenue than worldwide box office numbers. ... The Books (Domestic Sales) ... The 2010 Quidditch World Cup in New York hosted 20,000 ....