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William Wood (1671–1730) was a hardware manufacturer and mintmaster, noted for receiving a contract to strike an issue of Irish coinage from 1722 to 1724. He also struck the 'Rosa Americana' coins of British America during the ... Master of the Mint, showed that the copper "was of the same goodness and value with that  ...


Drapier's Letters is the collective name for a series of seven pamphlets written between 1724 ... William Wood was granted letters patent to mint the coin, and Swift saw the licensing of the patent as corrupt. .... Wood's Half-Pence, was printed on 4 August 1724, in response to the British Privy Council's testing of Wood's coin.


Your coin is either a Halfpenny or a Farthing. The coins are near identical except for the size.The Halfpenny is 26 to 29 mm in diameter.The Farthing.


George I 1717-1724 .... Back To Main British Coin Prices ... FINE. V.FINE. E.FINE. King Charles II. COPPER. HALF PENNY COINS. 1672. £60. £250. £1000.


A Brief History of British Regal Copper Production during the Seventeenth and ... which meant the copper content was worth about half the face value of the coin. .... The larger but thinner halfpence and farthings were produced 1719-1724.


1724. Weight: 141.0 g (9.14 grams) Diameter: 27.8 mm. Comments: This example is from the final year of George I halfpence; it shows the third and final bust of ...


1714-27 - George I coins from United Kingdom showing Coin Metal, sizes, weight Photos and other details grouped by similar design faces ordered by its value and minted year. ... from the United Kingdom. Laureate and Armored Bust; Diameter: 21,00 mm; Weight: 5,30 gr; Copper ... F040106, 1724, London, not available ...


Catalog of Irish Coin Prices ... Coins with porous surfaces or old corosion are worth significantly less than coins ... William Wood's Coinage for George I 1722- 1724 ... There are proof strikings in both copper and silver and there are a number of ...


Assess world coin values with the World Coin Price Guide on NGCcoin.com. View Great Britain 1/2 Penny prices, images and mintage info.


Price £225. Now only £ ... More Details. George II, Copper Halfpenny, 1750, type III, laureate head. ... John as King England, Silver Halfpenny, third coinage,.