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The State Quarter of Delaware was released on January 04, 1999.
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Another die cast error ran with the first Delaware quarters. Being the first model of state quarter made, the mint gave it a disproportionate ... For the silver issues, the 1999 set is the most valu...

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... minimum price to $ Enter maximum price ..... 1973 D Lincoln Memorial Cent Misaligned Obverse Die Error Coin - BU/MS Red. $10.95; 0 bids ... 2000 D South Carolina State Quarter Off Center Error Coin - SC - 25c. $10.95; 1 bid .... 1999 - BROADSTRUCK LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT MINT ERROR #631. $3.50; 0 bids .

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State quarter errors are a great way to add value to your collection. ... Learn to spot the double dies and find rare error coins in modern pocket change. ..... US State Quarters Images from the US Mint: Delaware State 1999 .... Coin Errors, Quarters Rotated, Quarter Errors, Rare Coins, Errors Valuable, Coins Demir, Valuable ...

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1999 DELAWARE 50 STATES QUARTER™ - STRUCK ON AN EXPERIMENTAL PLANCHET. Notes: There are approximately 15 known 1999 State Quarters ...

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Here I have set up an eBay search for error State Quarters. ... 25C 1999 P GEORGIA FILLED DIE MINT ERROR UNC ... 1999 NGC MS64 PARTIAL COLLAR CONNECTICUT QUARTER MINT ERROR STRUCK OUT OF .... Ending Soon Newly Listed Lowest Price Highest Price Certified Coins Certified VAMs Certified Errors.

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Statehood quarter errors. ... World Coin Price Guide · Chinese Modern Coin Price Guide · World Gold Coins Value Guide · Coin Melt Values ... Struck on 5c planchet, Reverse Cap die. 1999 Delaware. MS64, MS68. 1999-P New Jersey, 1999-P Delaware ... 1999-P Connecticut, 2000 South Carolina ... Rotated reverse . 1999 ...

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Assuming it's from circulation, 25 cents unless it is one of a small number of rotated die errors that occurred with that particular design. The rotated die error is  ...

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With the exception of 1999-S silver proof 50 state quarters, which are worth ..... I would suggest yours is worth roughly $450 to $500 if it is a rotated die error. .... mint condition 1999 quarters with the states: New Jersey(1787), Delaware(1787),  ...

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DSBS=Die Struck Both Sides, (refers to a D/S coin's second strike) F/O=Flip-over .... 1999-P Connecticut Uncentered Broadstrike (s) ..... double struck 80% off- center & 180 degree rotated fits into coin #1. ..... 1999 STATE QUARTER ERRORS.

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Dec 5, 2000 ... It needs to be emphasized that values of error coins can range .... Also shown is a 1999-P Delaware quarter with die breaks between ... The values of rotated die errors are partially based on the severity of rotation and rarity.

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Not long after the first State Quarters were released in 1999, a few of them were classified as error coins due to a phenomenon ...

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Feb 23, 2013 ... 1999 D Delaware State Quarter with Rotated Reverse Quarter Error. Very rare quarter, value could be $100-250 ... 2005 P Kansas State Quarters with Humpback Bison Error - Die break makes the bison look like it has a hump ...

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Nov 9, 2015 ... State quarter errors are a great way to add value to your collection. ... 1999 Delaware Spitting Horse Error: Die cracking at the Philadelphia mint ...

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Jan 9, 2011 ... You sound like you have a Delaware state quarter with a rotated ... I also called the US Mint, who did confirm that it was an error with the die cut. ... A true error with a 180 rotated reverse could be worth $200-$500 retail.