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Jan 25, 2012 ... Then I saw the title: War Ration Book 4. ... out a house and decided to trash these relics, which they considered of little value or use any more.

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According to Exhibit Hall, war ration stamps are only worth a few cents... ... Arizona Central states that some ration books with few missing stamps sell for $15 to ... 1841 to 1879, most Penny Red stamps are commonly found and of little value.

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Every American was issued a series of ration books during the war. ... Once a person's ration stamps were used up for a month, she couldn't buy any more of ... in the newspaper Ration book one, front Ration book one, inside Ration book one, ...


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(A) stamp non essential 3 to 4 gallons per week (B) stamp essential to war effort 8 gallon ... further then the "A" book allowed them they would be eligible for the "B" gas ration coupon booklet. ... Coupon, Who Was Eligible, Value ... Many items, such as alcohol, were not rationed, but were in short supply. Inside o...

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Hopefully someone has some more info on "gallon" values and which States etc. .... 15 coupons inside with a dozen of valueless stamps from an unusual country. ... Anyone have WWII ration books or stamps? From USA Ration Book 3: ... Throughout the war rationing was gradually extended to cover a wide ...

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While many Americans were fighting overseas during World War II, their wives .... 3. Math: Provide to students a mock war ration book with stamps worth a certain number of points. Assign point values to food items and ask students to determine a grocery shopping list ... The instructions inside ration booklets read as follows:.

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Many purchases required stamps torn from ration books. ... WWII War Ration Book Two - January, 1943 This book is the property of the .... Lard was removed from rationing 3 March 1944, shortening and oils on 19 April 1944, but butter and margarine .... Historic WWII Walt Disney Ration Booklet with Ration Stamps Inside.

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rationing at Black Hills Ordnance Depot. ... If the applicant eligible for a grade I tire intends to buy only a Grade II or III tire, ... Value, March 11, September 30, 1943. ... Most of the workers who live off the Depot reside either at Edgemont or Hot Springs, ... War Ration Book One must be presented to the Ration Board for the ...

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In many ways, it was home economics that would win the war. ... Britain declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939. ... A ration book was issued to each person and each child. ... Housewives would watch the newspapers to monitor news on the "Changes in Points Value" columns, to see if anything they wanted had ...

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The World of Rationing During World War II. The Home Front During World ... Page 3 ... pants and the name “Landin” is written on the inside of both pockets. ... the folded cap most often associated with military uniforms. However ... certain value. ... Rationing Book and stamps, the person would receive a certificate as proof of.

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Lot of 4 WWII War Ration Book No 3 & 3 # 4s With over 350 Stamps toatal ... War Ration Book Four w/ Many Coupons Inside & War Ration Book Two- Vintage ...

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You might be able to get a few dollars for it from someone looking for World War 2 memorabilia. ... What is the value of a ration book and token holder containing 3 book fours and 3 book threes with stamps all in very good condition? ... WW2 Ration book anwser Well the stamp by it's self is worth no more than a dime so on a .....

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Sep 24, 2000 ... Q -- I have two objects in my possession that I would like to know more about. The first is a War Ration Book No. 3 with the stamps intact. I was 9 ...