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Jan 25, 2012 ... Then I saw the title: War Ration Book 4. ... out a house and decided to trash these relics, which they considered of little value or use any more.

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1 book 2 inside ration book holder. ... 4 - WWII, War Ration Books, one No 1, two No 3 and one No 4 Many Stamps Left ... 3 both with many stamps remaining.

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World War II 1945 ration books with stamps Fort Worth Texas. $9.95. 1 bid ... 1 book 2 inside ration book holder. 1 book 4 and 4 book 3s. ... 4 - WWII, War Ration Books, one No 1, two No 3 and one No 4 Many Stamps Left. $9.00. Buy It Now.

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Every American was issued a series of ration books during the war. ... Once a person's ration stamps were used up for a month, she couldn't buy any more of ... in the newspaper Ration book one, front Ration book one, inside Ration book one, ...

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According to Exhibit Hall, war ration stamps are only worth a few cents... ... Arizona Central states that some ration books with few missing stamps sell for $15 to ... 1841 to 1879, most Penny Red stamps are commonly found and of little value.

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A few dollars is the most people are willing to pay for a book. ... What is the value of a ration book and token holder containing 3 book fours and 3 book threes ... What is the value of World War 2 ration books with all the unused stamps intact?

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Sep 24, 2000 ... Q -- I have two objects in my possession that I would like to know more about. The first is a War Ration Book No. 3 with the stamps intact. I was 9 ...

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As a result, the books generally sell for between $3 and $10 each, with higher prices for earlier books (Book One) with more stamps left inside. Book Two and ...

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WWII War Ration Book Two - January, 1943 This book is the property of the United ... See More. 25. 3. WW II Ration Stamps issued by the U.S. Government to ...


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(A) stamp non essential 3 to 4 gallons per week (B) stamp essential to war effort 8 gallon ... further then the "A" book allowed them they would be eligible for the "B" gas ration coupon booklet. ... Coupon, Who Was Eligible, Value ... Many items, such as alcohol, were not rationed, but were in short supply. Inside o...