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1595-1605; < French < Latin tribad- (stem of tribas) < Greek tribás, equivalent to trib-, variant stem of trī́b(ein) to rub + -as (stem -ad-) -ade2. Related forms


Each of the victims, he continues, “was flanked by tribades, who were free of all such intricate harnesses.” New York TimesFeb 10, 2014. It is called Lesbian love  ...


[French, from Latin tribas, tribad-, from Greek, from trībein, to rub; see tribology.] trib′a·dism n. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth ...


Medical definition of tribade: a woman who practices tribadism.


1977: I roused Zero's suspicions because I began to behave too much like a woman and he started to watch me warily for signs of the tribade. If he had spied  ...


Tribade definition: a lesbian , esp one who practises tribadism | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Definition of tribade in the Definitions.net dictionary. ... Information and translations of tribade in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the ...


Origin of tribade. French from Latin tribas tribad- from Greek from trībein to rub ; see tribology . Related Forms: trib′a·dism. noun. The American Heritage® ...


Jul 12, 2004 ... a lesbian, particularly one for whom the act of tribadism is the primary means of sex.