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Note: See this page for generic OBD-II codes (they start with P0XXX). ... 2008 Audi A6 check engine light P0068 mass air flow sensor · Audi a4 3.2l p0175 and ... P1131. Bank2-Sensor1 Internal Rsistance too High. P1132. O2 Sensor Heating ...

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Feb 10, 2010 ... Hope this is useful to someone? Audi Specific Trouble Codes Code P1101 ... P1131 Bank2-Sensor1 Internal Rsistance too High P1132

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Audi OBD II A6 2.7T P1131 Oxygen Sensor B2 S1 ... diagnostics (on the check engine warning) I get the following P-code P1131, that states in ... Is Trouble Code P1131 On An Audi A6&v=SxJAssoOiBM
Jul 12, 2013 ... Audi Fault Code Readers & Scanners /audi_fault_code_readers_149840.cfm.

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Dec 21, 2008 ... All of these P1151, P1131, P0174, P0171 codes indicate a problem ... A3 · A4 · A4 Quattro · A5 · A6 · A8 · Allroad Quattro · Cabriolet · Q7 .... Diagnostics > By Trouble Code > p1131 p1151 p0171 p0174 ... Read AUDI articles

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Jan 17, 2006 ... checking the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) memory Page 01-14 . ... http://127.0 .0.1:8080/audi/servlet/Display?action=Goto&type=repair&id=AUDI.C5.FU03.01.1. 110.11 ...... P1131 17539 Bank2-Sensor1. Internal Resistance ...

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GM Security AntiTheft Related Trouble Codes ... Audi powertrain P trouble codes .... P0756 Transmission Code — GM Vehicles · p1131 p1151 p0171 p0174 ...

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Sep 21, 2012 ... Hey guys i just brought an audi a6 2002 i got engine light the codes is ... p1131 Bank2 Sensor1 Internal Resistance Too High Intermittent

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Link to Error Codes and what they mean: DTC Lookup Table ... P1131 Bank 2 - Sensor 1 Internal Resistance too High - Drivers Side

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Remember - just because a code is set, does NOT always mean that the device it points to is bad! .... P1131, Lack of Upstream Heated Oxygen Sensor Switch - Sensor Indicates Lean - Bank No. 1. ...... A6-SCM - Seat Control Module

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Q: What is trouble code P1131 on an Audi A6?
A: bad sensor. Read More »
Q: What is trouble code po491 on a Audi a6?
A: For 1996 and newer. Trouble code P0491 means:Secondary air injection system (bank 1) Read More »
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Nov 16, 2011 ... I had the codes p1113 p1127 p1129 and p1131 so I replaced my ... Engine codes p1113 & p1131, spcycler, Audi A6, 3, 12-23-2007 12:43 PM.

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Question - Audi A6 Quattro: p1131 code on 2001 audi a6. mechanic is having - 4V. ... with Audi's. bought this car for my son, no engine light was on at the time.

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If the car is an S6 instead of an A6 then it is the sport model of that car. This means the car has a more powerful engine and all the equipment to go along with ...