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In 1967, urethane-modified polyisocyanurate rigid foams were introduced, offering ... Polyurethane foam (including foam rubber) is sometimes made using small ...

Urethane, its EO - Earthly Origin of Commercial Materials


Some of the molded products that urethane resins are made into are described as being urethane "rubbers." "Urethane rubber" is the very dense, strong, tough ...

Polyurethane - How Products Are Made


These groups, called urethane, are produced through a chemical reaction ... Polymers are macromolecules made up of smaller, repeating units known as ...

What Is Urethane? | eHow


Urethane is a term that refers to at least three different substances: ethyl carbamate, carbamate or polyurethane. While all of these substances are related by ...

Skateboard Design: Making Skateboard Wheels | Exploratorium


The first urethane wheels were the handiwork of Frank Nasworthy, who, after seeing some experimental urethane roller-skate wheels in a friend's backyard in  ...

Automotive Paint: Urethane v. Acrylic - ThomasNet


This article describes two different kinds of automotive paints, urethane and acrylic, and the key differences between them.

Urethane & Polyurethane Basics - C.U.E.


Urethane Basics on Cast Urethane Chemistry and processing prepolymer, ... the parts made with this technology can be used with great success across a wide ...

Is Urethane Rubber? Learn the Differences Between Them


When compared to urethane rubber falls short due to its ability to biodegrade. ... But, man-made urethane can be easily formulated to outlast rubber and stand ...

Urethane Foam Mattress Safety | Home Guides | SF Gate


Memory-foam mattresses are made of a synthetic substance, polyurethane, and a cocktail of other chemicals, and these may pose a health risk for some people.

Polyurethanes - Polymer Science Learning Center


Polyurethanes are made by reacting diisocyanates with di-alcohols. ... we get is a polyurea, because it contains a urea linkage, rather than a urethane linkage.

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Q: What is Urethane Made Of?
A: Function Polyurethane is well known name for Urethane, and it is widely used in flexible foams, such as seating, insulation, microcellular seals and gaskets, ti... Read More »
Source: www.ehow.com
Q: What are urethane wheels made of and how are they made?
A: Urethanes made from aliphatic fluorinated alochols, isocyanates and substituted aromatic compounds, a process for their preparation, and their use. The novel ur... Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Im considering putting a body kit on my 07 v6 mustang.(idiots who...
A: Body parts take a lot of abuse, so skimping on them is a stupid thing to do. Now, I'll leave out the "get a V8 you wuss" part, because that doesn't matter if yo... Read More »
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Q: What's the difference of body kits made of fiberglass, poly-ureth...
A: What's the difference of body kits made of fiberglass, poly-urethane, or ABS plastic? Hi there, I get to search for <b><a href="http://www.auto-bodypar... Read More »
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Q: What are the Apex Urethane Millwork products made from?
A: The Apex Urethane Millwork product is made from precision molded, high-density rigid polyurethane. Read More »
Source: www.apexmillwork.net