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Home; /; Old One Dollar Bill Value & Price Guide; /; Value of One Dollar 1957 Silver ... These can be noted as series of 1957, series of 1957A, or series of 1957B.


One of the most popular one dollar silver certificates is from the series of 1899. It is called ... Please do not call about any $1 silver certificate from 1935 or 1957.


The one exception is notes that begin and end with the letter B. BB notes are ... Star notes were also printed for all series of 1957 one dollar silver certificates.


Also a 1957 blue seal one dollar bill in the same condition? Reply. avatar. 2 yearsy ago #11 .... How much does a one dollar bill with 1957 series blue seal worth ...


How much is a 1957 b blue label one dollar bill worth. by Guest 3 yearsy ago. How much is ... How much does a one dollar bill with blue seal 1957 series worth  ...


1935 & 1957 Well Circulated One Dollar Silver Certificate Bills Note Lot of 100 ... Four Star One Dollar Silver Certificates - 1957 (2), 1957A and 1957 B. Not a professional currency ... The dates on these bills will be either series 1935 or series 1957. ... 1957 One $1 Dollar Silver Certificate Notes VG-VF Old US Currency.


Shop huge inventory of 1957 One Dollar Bill, 1957 2 Dollar Bill, 1957 Blue ... 1957 $1 One Dollar Bill Blue Seal Silver Certificate Note US OLD MONEY Series B ... SERIES 1957 B ONE 1 DOLLAR BILL SILVER CERTIFICATE BLUE SEAL S, V,.


Determine the value of your 1957 Series B Silver Certificate online by visiting AntiqueMoney.com, ... What is the value of a 1935 D series one dollar bill? A: As of ...


1957b One Dollar Silver Certificates ... $Face Value unless Special Serial *, $ Face Value unless Special Serial *, $1.76, $6.21 ... Picture of 1957b 1 dollar bill.


Dillon's signature appears on the 1957A and 1957B silver certificate and these are currently valued at face, that is one dollar, unless they are uncirculated in ... of a Dillon signature on a 1957 note without a series A or B letter next to the date. ... the series date remained the same for a short time, maybe one sheet's worth until  ...