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Closed-ended question


A closed-ended question is a question format that limits respondents with a list of answer choices from which they must choose to answer the question.

Open and Closed questions - Changing Minds


Open and closed questioning are quite different, with different uses. Here's details.

Closed ended questions - University of Minnesota Duluth


Closed ended questions are just that: direct questions that ask for specific pieces of information from a client. Closed questions have their greatest value when ...

Comparing Closed-Ended and Open-Ended Questions - FluidSurveys


Aug 7, 2013 ... Closed-ended questions come in a multitude of forms, but are defined by their need to have explicit options for a respondent to select from.

How to Ask Open Ended Questions: 15 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Don't ask closed-ended questions. A closed-ended question is answered in a short or single-word answer. They are used to obtain facts and specific pieces of  ...

Types of Question - Effective Questioning | SkillsYouNeed


Closed questions invite a short focused answer- answers to closed questions can often (but not always) be either right or wrong. Closed questions are usually ...

Open versus Closed Ended Questions


Jul 5, 2002 ... Open versus Closed Ended Questions. Prepared by Dr. John V. Richardson Jr. UCLA Professor of Information Studies ...

What is a closed-ended question? - PsychWiki - A Collaborative ...


Nov 1, 2010 ... A closed-ended question is defined as a question in which has a ... Application: For this example of a multiple choice question, it is clear to see ...

What are the differences between closed-ended questions and open ...


Jul 31, 2012 ... The main difference between a closed-ended question and an ... Example: Closed-ended: Multiple choice question: How many hours are there ...

Types of Survey Questions - Closed-end or open-end?


There are different types of questions that can be used in creating a questionnaire for survey purposes.

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Examples of Open-Ended and Closed-Ended Questions


By reviewing examples of open-ended and closed-ended questions, you can see that close ended questions require shorter answers.

What is closed question? definition and meaning


Definition of closed question: That provides a set of answers from which the respondent must choose. Multiple choice questions are closed questions.

Questioning Techniques - Communication Skills From MindTools.com


A closed question usually receives a single word or very short, factual answer. For example, "Are you thirsty?" The answer is "Yes" or "No"; "Where do you live?