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Decomposers are the biotic or the living factors that occupy the fourth place in an ecological food chain. Decomposers are considered as 'Cleaners' of the ...

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Some decomposers in the ocean include fungi in the genera Lindra and Lulworthia, the bacteria Vibrio furnissii, shipworms, nematodes and amoebas.

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Phytoplankton is the official name for the microscopic floating plants that live in the ... A few decomposers of the ocean would be bacteria, fungus, marine worms,  ...

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Decomposer are the organisms that break down the final remains of living things. Predominantly bacteria and fungi, they are important in freeing the last of the ...

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Decomposers are an integral part of any healthy ecosystem, breaking down plant and ... List of Herbivores in the Ocean · The Major Producers Found in Aquatic ...

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... crustaceans, molluscs, and many more. They are important in getting rid of plant and animals remains. What they leave behind is used by the decomposers.

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Ocean Decomposers Effect light ... Q: What creatures live in the photic zone, sublittoral zone and intertidal zone (specifically in South Africa)? I need specific ...

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A few decomposers of the ocean are: bacteria, fungus, marine worms, sea slugs, sea worms, .... What is one decomposer that lives in the ocean? bacteria.

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This is about equal to the weight of all plants on Earth. In other words, the biomass, or mass of living organisms, of bacteria roughly equals the weight of 50  ...

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Oct 8, 2009 ... ... relationships between organisms that live in a particular area. All food webs are made up of producers, consumers and decomposers.

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Most of the decomposers in the ocean, at every trophic level, can be described as either animals or microbes. Animal decomposers live as scavengers, usually ...



Decomposers are the last stop on the food chain, they eat the things no one ... What would happen if we didn't have plants…well all living things would start to ...

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Jul 13, 2015 ... Decomposers are the living/biotic beings which occupy the last stage of the food chain. These creatures are considered to be the cleaning crew ...