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Draws and fades are shots featuring controlled movements of the golf ball. A draw curves from the player's right to his left (for a right-handed golfer) while a fade ...

Sep 5, 2013 ... The easiest way to fade the golf ball with Meandmygolf PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman.
Jan 6, 2014 ... How to Hit a Fade in Golf like a Pro Hitting a Draw Step-by-Step Checklist: http:// www.mygolftutor.com/draw-checklist-testimonials Blog Post: ...


A ball which starts left and moves right through the air ending on target is known as a fade. Colin Montgomerie hits this shot as a natural part of his game.


Learning how to hit a fade in golf isn't as hard as some might think if you use these techniques. Hitting a fade can help ones golf game.


A gentle fade — as opposed to a wicked slice — can be a great shot to have. But if you're hitting it when you don't want to, it's because the clubface is slightly ...


Mar 24, 2015 ... Unlike a slice, where the ball starts far left of your target and then dramatically curves back, a real fade actually flies pretty straight before drifting ...


I've covered two different methods for hitting a fade shot in golf. The method in the video below is generally easier for most golfers. It doesn't offer as much ...


Tips and drills on how to hit a fade from Golf Channel's top instructions, featuring Michael Breed and Martin Hall.