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In geometry, a nonagon /ˈnɒnəɡɒn is a nine-sided polygon or 9-gon. The name "nonagon" is a prefix hybrid formation, from Latin (nonus, "ninth" + gonon), ...

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A closed plane figure made up of several line segments that are joined ... Two or more of these points are called vertices. ... +5 ...pentagon. +6 ...hexagon. +7 ... heptagon. +8 ...octagon. +9 ...enneagon ... 28 sided polygon - Icosikaioctagon.

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... straight sides. To be a regular polygon all the sides and angles must be the same: ... Nonagon - 9 Sides, Decagon - 10 ... Quadrilateral Any 4 sided 2D shape

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What do you call a 13 sided polygon? Is there a ... There seems to be an "official" set of names for polygons, uniformly derived from the Greek (after 4 sides). ... 9 ...

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What do you call an 11-sided polygon? A 14-sided polygon? ... mono, di, tri, tetra, penta, hexa, hepta, octa, ennea, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 deca, hendeca, ... for example, the icosidodecahedron or (20,12)-hedron, so called because it has 20 faces of ...

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9. = nona or ennea. 10. = deca. 11. = undeca or hendeca. 12. = dodeca. 13. = triskaideca. 14 ... Example: A 35-sided polygon is called a "triacontakaipentagon. " ...

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Clue: Nine-sided figure. Nine-sided figure is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 6 times. There are related clues (shown below).

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Nov 21, 2006 ... Source(s): 11 12 sided shape called: https://shortly.im/jYOcp ? · 10 months .... nonagon is 9 sides and decagon is 10 sides right. Atina · 1 year ...

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Nov 12, 2006 ... nonagon = 9 sides ... A seven sided form is called a chestahedron ... A seven sided polygon(a closed plane figure) is called a heptagon.

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May 16, 2015 ... Nonagon, 9 ... An 11-sided shape can be called an 11-gon. ... A pentagon with all sides and angles the same is called a regular pentagon.

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A nonagon is a closed shape that has nine sides. If it is a regular nonagon, all nine sides are the same length, and all the angles are equal.

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You can put this solution on YOUR website! A polygon is the name given to an n sided figure where n can take any value starting from 3. Remember Penta ...

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What is the name of a 7-sided figure? a 9-sided figure? Is one of these ever called a septagon? If.