Beta decay

As a result of this transformation, the nucleus emits a detectable beta particle, which ... An example of electron emission (β<sup>−</sup> decay) is the decay of carbon-14 int...

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Jun 29, 2015 ... Beta particles are subatomic particles ejected from the nucleus of some ... Other examples of beta emitters are phosphorous-32, tritium (H-3), ...

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Examples of some alpha emitters: radium, radon, uranium, thorium. Beta Radiation Beta radiation is a light, short-range particle and is actually an ejected  ...

Beta Radiation

Basics of Radiation ... Beta radiation may travel meters in air and is moderately penetrating. 2. ... Examples of these are carbon-14, tritium, and sulfur-35. 5. Beta  ...

Types of Radiation

The 3 types of radiation to be considered in this section are: alpha, beta and gamma ... Examples of these other partilcles are: protons, neutrons and positrons .

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In air, beta particles can travel a few hundred times farther than alpha ... Examples of radioactive materials that give off beta particles are hydrogen-3 ( tritium), ...

Examples of Radiation

Some examples of radiation make this concept much clearer. ... Beta radiation is a bit more difficult to stop and requires metal to stop it, though the metal can be ...

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Radiation can be absorbed by substances in its path. For example, alpha radiation travels only a few centimetres in air, beta radiation travels tens of centimetres ...

Beta Radiation

The neutrino is an almost massless particle that carries away some of the energy ... For example, when rhenium-187 decays (which has a Z of 75) by beta decay, ...

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Both alpha and beta particles are deflected by an applied electrical field, while ... Examples of this are when uranium becomes thorium, or radium becomes ...

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A: hi. an example of beta radiation is MEDICAL TRACERS. This was proved to me today at college. thanx. Read More »
Q: What are beta radiations made of?
A: There are 3 different types of radioactive decay. alpha decay, beta decay and gamma decay. alpha decay is composed of a helium nuclei, beta decay emit either el... Read More »
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A: Atoms consist of a cloud of electrons surrounding a nucleus containing some number of protons and neutrons. The number of protons and electrons is equal, but th... Read More »
Q: What is beta radiation?
A: ( bay -tuh) High-energy electrons, carrying a negative charge, that are sent out by some radioactive nuclei. (See alpha radiation and gamma radiation.) Beta rad... Read More »
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