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In geology and earth science, a plateau (/pləˈtoʊ/ or /ˈplætoʊ/; plural .... Another example is the Highveld which is the portion of the South African inland ...

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This cowboy gazes out from a small plateau in Monument Valley, Arizona, across an enormous plateau—the Colorado Plateau, which covers most of the ...

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Aug 29, 2011 ... Kukenan Tepuy is a fine example and remarkable plateau in the Gran Sabana National Park, Venezuela. This landform has a height of 2,680 ...

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Jun 16, 2015 ... Some plateaus—for example, the Deccan plateau of central India—occur far from mountain ranges. The differences among plateaus can be ...

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Think of this plateau as a stair-step to a mountain range. A good example is the area along the eastern U.S. seaboard between the Appalachian Mountains and ...

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Dec 24, 2012 ... Plateaus, also known as high plains or table lands, are raised landforms, usually less than 1,000 ft. above sea level. Unlike the mountains, they ...

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How to use plateau in a sentence. Example sentences with the word plateau. plateau example sentences.

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You can see the word plate inside plateau. ... If you're a French speaker, this will be easier, as plateau derives from the French plat, "level." ... Usage Examples.

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Jun 23, 2015 ... World Plateaus Map depicts the location of plateaus in the world and their height in meters. The heighst plateau os Tibet which is 4000 meters ...

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A plateau is high, flat ground or a situation where something has stalled that was progressing forward previously. An example of a plateau is a high, flat field.

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Q: What is an example of a plateau.
A: An example of a plateau is the Ennedi Plateau. It is located in the North-East of Read More »
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Q: What is an example of a plateau period?
A: A plateau period occurs after a period of action, stress, excitement or adrenalin created by a situation. As examples, a plateau in emotions and thoughts can oc... Read More »
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Q: What is an example of a plateau?
A: The Colorado Plateau Ennedi Plateau Blake Plateau Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: What is an example of a plateau in the Philippines.
A: Baguio City., the country's summer capital, is a plateau. Read More »
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Q: What are examples of The Deccan Plateau Hot Spots and Hawaii Hot ...
A: intraplate volcanism. Read More »
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