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A type of insurance policy where the insured pays a specified amount of out-of-pocket expenses for health-care services such as doctor visits and prescriptions drugs at the time the service is rendered, with the insurer paying the remaining costs. Ho... More »
What Is a Co-Pay?
A co-pay is the amount paid by an insured person to supplement insurance coverage for doctor's or hospital visits. Reduce your deductible by paying a co-pay with advice from a licensed life and health insurance representative in this free video on... More »
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A copayment or copay is a fixed amount for a covered service, paid by a patient to the insurance company before patient receives service from physician. In the ...


This page defines the common terms deductible, coinsurance and copay, and explains how they affect your health care costs.


A fixed amount ($20, for example) you pay for a covered health care service after ... If you've paid your deductible: You pay $20, usually at the time of the visit.


A co-pay is a common feature of many health insurance plans, where the insured pays a set out-of-pocket amount for health care services. Insurance providers ...


COPAYS. What is a copay? A copay (or copayment) is a flat fee that you pay on the spot each time you go to your doctor or fill a prescription. Let's say you hurt ...


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a relatively small fixed fee that a health insurer (such as an HMO) requires the patient to pay upon incurring a medical expense (as for a routine office visit, ...


Jun 4, 2011 ... Many people are confused about the differences between an insurance deductible, co-pay and coinsurance. What are they and how do they ...