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Top Definition. twitterpated. 1)to be completely enamored with someone/ something. 2) the flighty exciting feeling you get when you think about/see the object of ...

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Jan 1, 2008 ... Bambi shuns springtime love when he learns about it from the wise owl.

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infatuated or obsessed Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more ... 'smiling into each other's eyes, a seemingly twitterpated couple glided past'.

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twitter + pated, i.e., having one's pate (head) in a twitter (confused). First used in ... twitterpated (comparative more twitterpated, superlative most twitterpated).

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Jun 2, 2007 ... A film poster for the film Bambi, featuring the word 'twitterpated'. ... A contributor to the Urban Dictionary defined it as “An enjoyable disorder ...

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twitter patted? 10 replies ... "Nearly everybody gets twitterpatted in the springtime. ... However, I don't feel that go well with the context, except the definition from ...

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Dec 12, 2007 ... Twitterpated means confusion through love or infatuation. Or it also means you are light-headed because of affection or love. It could also be ...

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a. To tap gently with the open hand or with something flat. b. To stroke lightly as a gesture of affection. See Synonyms at caress. 2. To mold by tapping gently with ...

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Define pat. pat synonyms, pat pronunciation, pat translation, English dictionary definition of pat. ... A small mass shaped by or as if by patting: a pat of butter.

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Define addlepated. addlepated synonyms, addlepated pronunciation, addlepated translation, English dictionary definition of addlepated. adj. Confused or stupid ...

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Twitterpated definition, excited or overcome by romantic feelings; smitten. See more.

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Twitter Patted is actually a single word, as in “Twitterpated”. Twitterpated is an interesting term and one I have not heard until recently. Obviously used more ...

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Adjective. (comparative more twitterpated, superlative most twitterpated). Smitten or love-struck; romantically infatuated. Origin. twitter + pated, i.e., having one's ...