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The holy city of Mecca is the place of the annual Hajj pilgrimage. Holy city is a term applied to many cities, all of them central to the history or faith of ... Ujjain ( Hinduism); Varanasi/Benares/...

Four Holy Sites in Buddhism - Buddhist Tourism


The Significance of Four Holy Sites The four holy sites refer to those destinations that have been witness to some important event in the life of Lord Buddha.

Holy Sites of Buddhism: Lumbini - Buddha's Birthplace - BuddhaNet


Lumbini is the place where the Buddha, known as the Tathagata* was born. It is the place which should be visited and seen by a person of devotion and which ...

Varanasi: Holy City of Buddhists – As Well as Hindus, Jainists, Jews


Jan 19, 2012 ... With the Kalachakra winding down we bid adieu to the Dalai Lama and head east on this pilgrimage to Varanasi, holy city of Hindus, Buddhists, ...

What are the holy cities of Buddhism - Answers.com


There is no holy city of Buddhism According to the Buddhistteaching (dharma), there is no place is that more holy or sacredthan any other place.

Holy City | Islam | Christian | Judaism | Jerusalem | Mecca | Lhasa ...


Jerusalem is considered a holy city to Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike. ... the palace that used to be home to the Dali Lama - the leader of Tibetan Buddhism.

Mecca - ReligionFacts


The prophet Muhammad designated Mecca as the holy city of Islam and the direction (qibla) in which all Muslims should offer their prayers. The Ka'ba is ...

Religion (Civ4) - Civilization Wiki


Civilization IV has seven religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, ... A Great Prophet may construct a Religious Shrine in a religion's holy city.

The 5 Most Sacred Cities For The Spiritual Traveler - Matador Network


Aug 5, 2008 ... Islam's holiest city is home to the largest mosque in the world, al-Masjid ... Buddhist legend says the Bodhi tree only grows when there is a ...

Buddhist Holidays and Festivals - Urban Dharma


Some holy days are specific to a particular Buddhist tradition or ethnic group (as ... the Buddha went to Rajagaha city where 1250 Arahats,(Enlightened saints) ...

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Q: What is the Holy City of Buddhism?
A: Bodhgaya is a Holy city of Buddhism. Read More »
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Q: What are the holy cities for Buddhism?
A: For just BUDDHISM: (1) BODH GAYA, where Gautama Buddha's attained Enlightenment. (2) SARNATH, where Gautama Buddha first taught the Dharma, and where the Buddhi... Read More »
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Q: What is the holy city of Buddhism and their written language?
A: Bodh Gaya is the name of the city where the Buddha is sa... Read More »
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Q: What are the holy days of Buddhism?
A: Buddhism has a number of celebrations of significant events in Buddha's life and of cultural importance, but it is not correct to call them "holy. More like rem... Read More »
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Q: What are holy days in Buddhism?
A: Buddhists have celebrations throughout the year. They are not sticyly "holy" days as Buddhism has no deities. The primary days from a number of Buddhist sects a... Read More »
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