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Originally formed to protect the freedom of the first 13 colonies, the Army has ... the largest of all the branches of the military and has many different jobs to offer.

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A common misconception about the Army is that Soldiers are trained only for ... Just like a civilian college degree program, job placement in the U.S. Army is ...

Role of the Army Reserve


What is the Army Reserve and how is it different than Active Duty? ... is similar to working at a full-time job - with the Army - while the Army Reserve. X. The Army ...

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Soldiers: Take the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). Your score on this test will determine which Army jobs you are qualified to hold; Pass an ...

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No one in the Army has more to do with training soldiers than NCOs. ... Directed duties are not specified as part of a job position or MOS or other directive.

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Search through a range of Army career categories to find a job that matches your interest or experience. The Army offers a wide variety of Military Occupational ...

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The U.S. Army offers over 150 different jobs to make you stronger. Browse Army Reserve jobs and Active Duty jobs to find Army careers that fit your skills and ...

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Join the Australian Army to help defend Australia, support international security initiatives, and contribute to humanitarian and disaster relief operations.

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Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, a veteran, a current Federal employee, or a U.S. citizen without federal experience, the Army has a job for you .

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A career in the Army is hugely rewarding, in terms of job satisfaction and pay and benefits - with 100s of different roles to choose from.

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Browse Army Jobs and Careers | goarmy.com


The U.S. Army offers over 150 different jobs to make you stronger. Browse Army Reserve jobs and Active Duty jobs to find Army careers that fit your skills and ...

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Active duty Soldiers serve in the Army full time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ... how long you will serve in the Army, and what kind of Army job you will have.

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Wondering what to expect for your family once you join the Army? ... See the kinds of jobs Soldiers perform, the kind of training they receive and the kinds of ...