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What is fertilizer and why do plants need it? What do the three numbers on most bags of fertilizer mean?

What Is the Purpose of Fertilizers? | eHow


Fertilizers are an important tool in any garden, lawn, commercial farming operation, or landscape maintenance enterprise. Fertilizers help growers, gardeners ...

Fertilizer Basics: Organic Fertilizer, NPK Ratio | Gardeners.com


In most cases, an all-purpose, 5-5-5 fertilizer will provide the nutrients all plants need for healthy growth. If a soil test reveals certain nutrient deficiencies, or if you  ...

How to Choose All Purpose Plant Fertilizers? at The Home Depot


Sep 7, 2013 ... This Home Depot all purpose plant fertilizer guide helps you learn about plant characteristics, fertilizer types and how to apply to a variety of ...

Fertilizer, understanding the three basic components of fertilizers ...


An explanation of what each primary component of a fertilizer is used by plants for. ... An explanation of the purpose for each component of chemical fertilizers.

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Look for fertilizers that are slow-acting and granular. For general use, choose those labeled "balanced" or "all-purpose." You can buy specialty products for ...

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Description: Life<sup>®</sup> is a true pelletized and homogenous organic all purpose fertilizer that produces remarkable results because nutrients are released quickly yet ...

Organic Fertilizers


Organic fertilizers act as soil conditioners too—they feed both soils and plants. ... or two applications of general-purpose organic fertilizer throughout the garden.

Fertilizers and Their Use - University of Tennessee Extension


Special-purpose Fertilizers. Slow-release Fertilizers. Organic Fertilizers. Calculations of Application Rates. Ex. 1. Calculating Nutrient Content of Dry and Liquid ...

The Numbers on Fertilizer Labels, What They Mean - Growing A ...


For example, a common type of all-purpose fertilizer is referred to as 10-10-10. This is a balanced blend of equal portions of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and ...

What Is the Purpose of Fertilizers?
Fertilizers are an important tool in any garden, lawn, commercial farming operation, or landscape maintenance enterprise. Fertilizers help growers, gardeners and professionals like farmers and golf course superintendents maintain their plants, grass and... More »
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WHAT IS FERTILIZER? There are 17 elements that are known to be essential for plant growth and development. Fertilizers (also called plant food elements) are ...

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Labels identify the package contents as "rose food" or "vegetable food," "lawn fertilizer" or "general-purpose fertilizer." In some stores, you'll find bins filled with ...

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Many “all-purposefertilizers have a high nitrogen content for that quick burst of green growth that lets you know it's working. Nitrogen deficiency is evident by ...