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At the most basic level, the function of the nervous system is to send signals from one cell to others, or from one part of the body to ...

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Mar 11, 2016 ... The human body has a central nervous system and a peripheral nervous system. These systems have specific functions, and can be affected ...

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Feb 10, 2014 ... The nervous system is formed of two parts that are integrally linked with each other. The brain and the nervous system has multiple functions ...

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May 9, 2016 ... The human nervous system differs from that of other mammals chiefly in ... and study the anatomy and function of the nervous system in living, ...

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The purpose of the central nervous system is to receive information from the sensory organs and process this information to initiate some type of effect.

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The nervous system functions to process input from sensory receptors, transfer and interpret impulses and to control the functions of body's muscles and organs.

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The nervous system is responsible for coordinating all of the body's activities. It controls ... The nervous system has three general functions: a sensory function, ...

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The nervous system helps all the parts of the body to communicate with each other.

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The nervous system is a complex collection of various organs that are responsible for carrying out functions vital to ... What Is the Function of the Pituitary Gland?

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Apr 30, 2015 ... The body is divided into many systems. In this lesson, you will learn about the parts that make up the nervous system and their functions to gain ...

The nervous system is the major controlling, regulatory, and communicating system in the body. It is the center of all mental activity including thought, learning, and memory.
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The nervous system allows us to perceive, comprehend, and respond to the world around us. The nervous system also operates the body's essential physiologic ...

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The Human Nervous System – Interact with diagrams and descriptions of the nervous ... neurons and to direct the function of the body through efferent neurons .

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The brain controls everything we do, and is often likened to the central computer within a vast, complicated communication network, working at lightning speed.