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The most common boxcars are 50'-6" to 60'-9" in length, 9'-4" to 9'-6" wide, and 10'-10" to 11' high. A hi-roof boxcar is 13' in height.


Similar to the 50' standard boxcar but 10' longer in interior length. All cars are equipped with cushioned underframes and doors come in several configurations.


does anybody know what the dimensions are of a 40 foot boxcar? ... They vary by several feet in height and several inches in length and width. there is also a ...


Boxcars are generally used for loads which must be protected from the weather. ... 50 Foot Plain Boxcar ... Outside Length of Car, Range from 55 to 60 feet.


Boxcars have been an important piece of equipment for the railroad industry since the early days of the ... Today, the 50-footer remains the common boxcar size.


Cargo: Liquid, solid or gas? Box car? Lumber car? Coal car? Intermodal? (single or double) Passenger: Dining? Luggage? Sleeper?


DESCRIPTIONS. 60' High Cube Boxcar. 18.51m. CENTER. DOOR OPENING. Extreme Height. Extreme Width. Coupled Length. Inside Length. Inside Width.


L to R: Classic O27, 6400, and Marx O27. Both O27 cars are 1/64 over O. Marx car's profile is taller than S because of trucks. Bodies are comparable.


Designed for the can manufacturing industry, this 100-ton boxcar has two heavy- duty ... 60' Heavy Duty Plate C Boxcar ... Height, Top of Rail to Threshold.