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Can an alternator overcharge a battery? | 4x4Earth


Sep 7, 2013 ... I'm just wondering, can an alternator overcharge a battery on non-stop long trips? ... thing you can do to a lead acid battery is to keep it on float

What keeps a car battery from overcharging? | Yahoo Answers


Jan 15, 2013 ... As I understand it, the car's battery powers the spark plugs which fire the cylinders which turns the engine which spins the alternator which ...

Alternator Repair,bad alternator,diagnose symptoms repair problem


What an alternator does is keep your battery charged. ... An overcharging alternator can "boil a battery dry", so if your battery gets low on elecrolyte, making you ...

Alternator & Charging System Checks (Alternator Testing)


The charging system keeps the battery charged, and supplies voltage for the entire ... The alternator's charging output increases in proportion to the electrical load on the .... Voltage drops on the negative side can cause overcharging (fools the ...

How the charging system works | How a Car Works


Inside an alternator the belt-driven rotor becomes an electromagnet when ... So a car has a rechargeable battery and a charging system to keep it topped up. ... The second relay prevents the dynamo from overcharging and damaging the ...

No, but seriously: Your alternator doesn't charge your battery the ...


Feb 5, 2013 ... And secondly : if you have to keep charging the battery, it means either .... 120 mile trips = overcharging, which means the batteries gas and ...

Voltage Regulator, Alternator And Battery Operation. - Mad Enterprises


If the average output from the alternator does not keep up with electrical system ... overcharge, components would be damaged, and the alternator would soon ...

Charging system diagnostics: battery, alternator, and related systems


A shorted diode in the alternator can still allow a charging voltage of up to 13.3 ... If the circuit is shorted the alternator will run full field and will overcharge, if it's ...

Diagnosing Common Automotive Charging System Problems


Sep 18, 2013 ... If the vehicle keeps running after a period of time, there's likely a ... overcharged battery, which is typically the result of high alternator voltage.

Automotive Charging Systems - A Short Course on How They Work ...


A VOLTAGE REGULATOR regulates the charging voltage that the alternator produces, keeping it between 13.5 and 14.5 volts to protect the electrical .... as possible as this "overcharging" condition can cause damage to your electrical system.

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Why would an alternator overcharge? | Reference.com


The reasons alternators overcharge include issues with the battery, drive belt, alternator output, external regulator and type of alternator, ... Keep Learning ...

diagnose faulty voltage regulator causing battery overcharging?


Apr 27, 2014 ... The alternator died (at least that is what I thought) as the battery kept going ... all the power the car needs as well as keep the battery charged.

What Causes an Alternator to Overcharge? | eHow


An overcharging alternator can cause permanent damage to the vehicle's battery. old engine image ... A properly operating alternator will keep the... How to Test ...