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Before you are able to change the lawn mower oil on your Briggs & Stratton® small engine, it's important to understand the oil type and capacity required.


This means they need oil, just as car engines do. The same type of oil -- motor oil -- works in both types of engines, but the smaller engines in lawnmowers might ...


Jun 2, 2010 ... Push lawn mowers use an engine to spin the cutting blades. ... If a thinner oil was placed into the engine, it would not lubricate well enough and ...


Before changing your lawn mower oil, you first need to take a moment to ensure you are adding the correct oil type and amount for the engine in your Ferris ...

Aug 11, 2013 ... How ya Don feel bout usin sin- thetic oil in lawn mower/ riding mowet ... kind of conditions I would run a straight weight oil like you said and I ...


Other high-quality detergent small engine and lawn mower oil types are acceptable if classified for service SF, SG, SH, SJ or higher. Do not use special additives ...


I have a Craftsman 6.0 lawnmower model 917.377553, what type pf oil do I use? ... The oil information should be in the owner's manual.


He does not have the owners book and can not tell me what kind of oil to use. What oil would ... the dipstick, slowly pour oil into the oil fill tube to


Your Kawasaki engine works hard to deliver efficient, reliable power—so treat it right. Premium K-Tech engine oil is uniquely formulated for your machine.