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These 14 top fishing lures for red drum will help you catch more reds. ... a simple question: What would you consider your top hard-bodied redfish lure or lures? ... (For pricing, I used large online tackle retailers such as Tackle Direct, Bass Pro, ...

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There is a best bait for redfish, but it depends on theh season of the year as to just what ... I could tell you what I see as the best lure, and it would be what I use in a ... reviews from your saltwater fishing guide on all types of fishing equipment.

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Jun 18, 2013 ... Other techniques not mentioned are topwater and suspended baits I prefer to fish the ... 7 out 10 reds actually hook up on top water and when u do get a hook up ... Yea or u can catch me yourself using a net by the shore line.
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Jul 7, 2011 ... Mark Wright shows Chad what types of lures and bait rigs are the most effective for ... on live bait than artificals. you can catch as much redfish as you want on a topwater but not on shrimp. ... What do you mean by lower pitch?
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Mar 18, 2012 ... this is a video of my lures that i use for Redfish mostly and sometimes trout and ... Which shrimp color would you recommend for clear water. .

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Feb 19, 2012 ... You'll ask yourself, 'How do I know which lure to buy for the greatest success'' ... specific types of topwater lures that are time-tested on inshore redfish. I use Strike Pro Lures and am most familiar with which ones work best ...

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Learn the pros' secrets to hooking a large amount of enormous redfish, ... best redfish baits there is, but I didn't know bull reds would eat a whole 3-pounder,” says ... “You've got to think about how the redfish perceive the lures you're casting to ... “Casting jigs into the area works, but I've had better success ...

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You are Here: Home : Sportfish : Redfish ... Red portions of flesh do not have objectionable taste when fresh. ... TACKLE AND BAITS: All kinds of casting tackle , includ- ing fly, are successfully used on Redfish of all sizes. ... Redfish are ravenous feeders that will take live bait- fish, crabs and shrimp, and also dead or cut baits ...

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May 11, 2012 ... An article from Florida Sportsman about the best baits for redfish on the flats. ... using really large crabs or just low on bait you might want to cut your crabs in ... Frozen baits work when kayak fishing, but so do imitations like this ...

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Red Drum and Redfish Saltwater Atlantic Sportfish identification, Habitat, Bait and ... fishing that gives you tips on baiting and rigging, instruction on saltwater ...

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Use your depth finder to mark drop-offs near the jetty. ... The bigger the bait, the bigger the redfish, but you're a lot less likely to catch much else with the bigger ...

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catching redfish means using a bait of some kind. Is there a prefect redfish bait? ... It seems as if they would eat any old kind of bait we put in front of them. ... The truth is – the perfect bait is what the fish are eating at the time you fish for them!

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In many cases, a moving bait is most natural to redfish used to seeing food flee ... When you're lure fishing, 8- to 10-pound braid on high-end spinning tackle for long-range presentations is most effective ... Chum does the same thing to redfish .