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A file format is a standard way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file. ... For example, using compression with the GIF file format requires the use of a ... This has resulted in...

What type of file ends in the filename extension .gif? | Reference.com


Files that end in the filename extension ".gif" are Graphics Interchange Format files and are ... The palette of a GIF file is limited to only 256 colors, but the format's small file size makes it useful for ... How do you change a file name extension?

What kind of file name ends in gif - Answers.com


GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. They are used for lower resolution graphics and .... What kind if file has a name that ends with gif? .gif (Graphics ...

The 5 Types of Digital Image Files: TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and Raw ...


May 14, 2010 ... The 5 Types of Digital Image Files: TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and Raw ... TIFF (also known as TIF), file types ending in .tif ... There are a lot of different raw formats– each camera company often has its own proprietary format.

JPEG, GIF, & PNG: Know Your File Types - WhoIsHostingThis


Dec 6, 2014 ... Know Your File Types: When to Use JPEG, GIF, & PNG ... If you save your image as the wrong type, you could end up blurring a beautiful photo, ...

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Jul 17, 2012 ... For example, the file extension.txt has an extension of .txt. ... Seeing that a file has this name and is an executable is enough of a hint ... .png, A Portable Network Graphic, or PNG, is an image file that was created to replace GIF files. .... These types of files offer a way to textual data in a manner that it can b...

php check if a image file name end is not .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif.


php check if a image file name end is not .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif. .... all the image extension types in array $imgname = ""; //get image name here ...

GIF, JPG and PNG - What's the Difference? - SitePoint


May 1, 2011 ... Gif, jpg and PNG files are all three used for the web. The difference is the resulting image. Each one has its place for use on websites, and jpeg ...

What's In A GIF - Bits and Bytes - GIFLib


A GIF file is made up of a sequence of data blocks. ... The different types of blocks include: header, logical screen descriptor, global color table, .... Our sample file has a global color table size of 1. .... The final byte, 00, indicates a sub-block with zero bytes that follow which let's us know we have reached the end of the b...

What is GIF? What Opens a GIF? File Format List from WhatIs.com


GIF, or Graphic Interchange Format, is a file extension for an often animated raster graphics file and is the second most common image format used on the World ...

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What kind if file has a name that ends with gif - Answers.com


.gif (Graphics Interchange Format) is a file format for graphics.

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There are two image types used for web pages, GIF files, and JPEG files. You will need ... The names of files stored in GIF format usually end in .gif. GIF files use ...

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What kind of file has a name that ends with .gif? ... .gif identifies a graphic file or picture. In computer language, cd\ means "change directory to root." ...