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Frogs are a diverse and largely carnivorous group of short-bodied, tailless amphibians ... Adult frogs generally have a carnivorous diet consisting of small ... season, and exhibit many different ki...

Frogs & toads: identification - Froglife


How do I tell the difference between frogs and toads? Frogs have smooth, moist skin and long, stripy legs and are likely to be found in damp habitats in the ...

Types of Frogs: Article on the Many Types of Frogs - Frog Life Cycle


The only place that there are no frogs and have never been any types of frogs is ... but they do call out for different reasons, and each type of frog has a different ...

Some Common Questions - Frogland


How do I figure out what kind of frog I've got? How do I tell if my frog is male or female? I have a pet XXX frog. How do I take care of it?, what does it eat? etc etc  ...

15 Different Type of Frogs You Should Know About - Tail and Fur


Nov 3, 2015 ... Different Type of Frogs You Should Know About. ... This one is easy to have as a pet as it is semi-aquatic. It comes in a lovely pale green and ...

Facts About Frogs & Toads - Live Science


May 1, 2015 ... Frogs and toads do have specific traits that define them, however, according to ... Since there are so many types of frogs, one size doesn't fit all.

Central Florida's Frogs - UF Wildlife Home - University of Florida


Only 16 of Florida's 27 native species of frogs are found in the Central ... often under plants, logs, or other cover, and often have dry, somewhat bumpy skin.

Frogs and Toads of New York - NYFalls.com


Frogs and tadpoles have soft, porous skin that absorbs oxygen from the air and water ... The Eastern Spadefoot and Pickerel do secrete toxins, but are generally  ...

how to tell frogs and toads apart | Frogs Are Green


Mar 16, 2011 ... But frogs have slimmer bodies and longer hind legs. ... These are the basic differences between frogs and toads, but things do get confusing. ... these guidelines will help you distinguish between the two types of amphibians.

Field Guide to Maryland's Frogs and Toads (Order Anura)


Photo of Upland Chorus Frog, courtesy of John White Frogs and toads are amphibians that do not typically have a tail as adults. The hind legs are longer than ...

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Click the 'simplify' button to get more questions. Repeat steps ... A 'COMPARE IMAGES' link appears on left when under 100 kinds match. ... Florida Cricket Frog .

Frogs and Toads of Virginia - Virginia Herpetological Society


Virginia Frog & Toad ID Guide | Frog Development Chart | Frog Calling .... Populations of these species have demonstrated a significant declining trend or one is ...

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An online visit to a website such as Frog Life Cycle helps you identify the type of frog you have, and it provides colorful photos and descriptions. There are over ...