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It should be no surprise that the open ocean biome is the largest biome... ... Ninety percent of all marine life lives in the upper zone of the ocean that receives sunlight. The open ocean is home to numerous types of plankton. Plankton are any ...

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The deepest parts of the ocean may have little or no plant life. Because ocean ... Some types of seagrasses are turtle grass, manatee grass and shoal grass.

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There are thousands of different species of ocean plant life, including phytoplankton, algae, kelp and seagrasses. There are over 130000 species of algae alone ...

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Full Answer. Plants are at the bottom of any food chain and the ocean food chain is not an exception. The various types of plants make life in the ocean possible.

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Jun 1, 2010 ... The living things that survive in the open ocean need to have a way ... Animals, protists, plants, and bacteria that float or drift in ocean ... Phytoplankton are types of plankton that do photosynthesis like diatoms and other algae.

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As a result, oceans are significant to the well-being of life and economies. Marine plants consist of two major types, the sea grasses and the algae and ... Marine plants live in diverse habitats near shores or in salt marshes and open seas ...

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Aug 19, 2010 ... The ocean is full of uncharted territory -- and of breathtaking natural wonders that look like they'd be more at home on Pandora than in the blue ...

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Many species that live in the open ocean (or pelagic realm) truly live in an ocean universe. More than 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by ocean, and it is ...

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Open link. Motion from Alfredo Barroso. The plant kingdom is made up of ... Marine algae though are abundant throughout the ocean and can either float freely or cling ... There are two main types of the larger phytoplankton species: Diatoms and ... are flowering marine plants that live submerged in the marine environment.

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Because the ocean is so big, scientists estimate that more than half of all species (or types of animals and plants) live in the ocean. Yet we can't be sure how ...