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Why are some women so negative about the "picking up ... - Quora


Pick-Up Artists: How do I break into the PUA industry as an instructor? .... The negative attitude is of the same kind you would get towards somebody being .... People seem to be more receptive of accepting big requests if they have done ... In general the behavior that attracts the most women is also the behavior that repels ...

What I Learned About Love And Life From My Summer As A Pickup ...


Apr 18, 2014 ... Phil had been studying the “science” of pick up artistry for months, and ... The most attractive girls never have to work for affection, so they can't ... would spend the entire summer of 2012 becoming a pick up artist, and a good one at that. ... like the type of girl that would hook up with other girls when drunk.

The 5 Big Differences Between Naturals and “PUA”s | Girls Chase


Oct 30, 2013 ... They usually have some kind of rough objective for their socializing - and .... Most guys who stumble into the pickup community don't do so until their ... a very key difference between naturals and most pickup artists is this: guys who ... for which women will be receptive to you and which women won't as you ...

professional pick-up artists run woman-tricking business to help ...


Jan 29, 2007 ... She believes she uncovered a pick-up artist on a date last year. ... So the PUA went for broke and suggested to Sarah that she might like a slot on his “sexual roster”. .... Because that's how we value one another: women are valued most ... Other bars are taking the “Coyote Ugly” type approach to a more ...

How to Spot a Pickup Artist - The Coveteur


In 2007, a professional pickup artist named Erik Von Markovik (a.k.a. Mystery) wrote ... and frankly, neither was I. I had presumed the demand for this kind of fuckery had been ... Negging is probably the most well known of all the PUA tactics, likely ... Apparently, women will be more receptive to speaking to someone who has ...

NPD and pick up artists (PUA) : Narcissistic Personality Disorder ...


I'm a guy with NPD and I'm trying to learn the pick up artist (PUA) skill set. ... Tourette's Syndrome Forum, Mixed-Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder ... Most of these approaches will end up in rejection. .... I've sort of come to the realization that having any type of relationship with a woman is not in the ....

This Man Wrote An Article For Vice Hating On Pickup Even Though It ...


Jul 30, 2014 ... In my experience, most PUAs place great emphasis on politeness and .... Pick-up – or meeting women from cold-approach – is a form of ... But this is disingenuous for the simple reason that any man hating on pickup artists would, ... and in order to find those few who are most receptive to their approach.

PUA Openers | Pick Up Artist and PUA Lingo


Openers are what PUAs use to get conversations started with the women they're ... as well as general categories of openers that pick up artists use to get into set. ... Quick Definition: A type of opener where a PUA starts a conversation by .... I have used this many times to test a set and see if they are open and receptive.

Manosphere glossary - RationalWiki


6 days ago ... The alpha male of group is the most alpha-y person in the group. .... -fag is a derivational suffix frequently used on MRA/PUA forums. ... Historical feminism; the old-fashioned kind of feminism (pre-90s for ... Go fuck ten other women is common advice from pick-up artists to get over oneitis and rejection. Why ...

Internet Petition Hopes To Ban Pickup Artist Julien Blanc From Brazil


Nov 17, 2014 ... Internet Petition Hopes To Ban Pickup Artist Julien Blanc From Brazil ... who, through seminars, teaches men to “pick up” women. ... has been receptive to his opponents, indicating that the pick-up artist is ... Misogyny Pick Up Artists Puas Feminism Brazil Global Feminism Julien .... What kind of error is this?

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Sexist Women Like Pickup Artists - Jezebel


Aug 24, 2011 ... And in the older group, sexist men were also more likely to use PUA tactics ... all cross-gender relations as power games, this may just be the kind of ... It also reveals a scary possibility: that the women most likely to be receptive to such tactics are ... Women Who Love Pickup Artists Hate Women, Too [Good].

The Trouble With Pick-Up Artists - Paging Dr. NerdLove


Jun 21, 2013 ... There are three concepts that are common through most PUA schools of ... Pick Up Artists are taught to see women as antagonists that the PUAs have to .... Or rather, I'm reluctant to seek the opposite kind of relationship. ...... someone who's not being receptive at all (as opposed to just being neutral) is just...

What is The Game: Spot a Pick Up Artist | The Mirror of Aphrodite


May 16, 2013 ... PUAPick Up Artist (I'd like to spin a female take on this one. .... Most women hear "pick up artist" and blow it off with a smirk because it's something a man labels himself regularly. ..... However this kind of material is on the increase. ..... and normally that would have primed me to be very rec...

What is wrong with pickup artist techniques? - Quora


Jan 5, 2015 ... Most of his friends were part of that community, so a lot of them were there. ... Some of the women were surprisingly receptive, but all of them .... What do you think of recent PickUp Artists (PUA) like Neil Strauss and Mystery?

(or less) suspectible to Pick-Up Artist (PUA) - Quora


Alternatively, are there types of women who are less suspectible to PUA techniques? ... Pick-Up Artists: What is more attractive a rich man or a famous man? ... your own question, if hot women are more "suspectible", (receptive/ susceptive?) ...