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Nika is a given name of Persian origin meaning "Good". It also means "Victory" in Greek. In Slovenia and Croatia, it is used as a feminine form of Nikola or Nikolaj. In the Russi...

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Top Definition. nika. A beautiful girl who loves to laugh and smile effortlessly. A girl who is weird ... Can you define these popular missing words? 1-10 Female ...

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A black bear. .... Kah mika mitlite? where do you live? konaway kah, everywhere; kah-kah, here ... Kahkwa nika tumtum, so I think (literally, such [is] my heart ); kahkwa hyas .... Mr. Anderson gives as the original meaning, to open out or appear.

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An international trade language did not develop for traders along the Silk Road, perhaps because there was not the sheer geographic density of languages that ...

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Jul 15, 2015 ... After picking your bear buddy for the round, he takes center stage on ... on) this world of bear logic and magic, where words feed mammals and mammals wear tiny pants. I mean, what could be more innocuous than a spelling game with ... Fox actually responded to the poster, warning that “the bears can be ...

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Chinook Jargon originated as a pidgin trade language of the Pacific Northwest, and .... Place names throughout this region bear Jargon names (see List of Chinook Jargon ... nika or naika — I, mine or anything first-person (spellings are optional, ... It can also be used to mean sell, especially when used in combination with ...

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In Chinook Jargon Nika mitlayt kupa Seattle, means “I live .... “How can this Jargon pretend to be a universal language? At least ..... klakklak grizzly bear shayęm.

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American Indian languages * American Indian nations * ...

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Where the words are shown by Shaw with their direct translated meaning, and/or are ... realized the divisions I have made for the Chinook-English sections do not correlate well for ... ACCIDENT-nika tumtum halo yaka chako kahkwa. .... siam might be used by itself; concievably hyas itswoot might also refer to a brown bear.

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Dec 14, 2005 ... First, where else does the Bible promote such a radical inequality in the ... If there is no real difference, what does it mean that “the Spirit bears ..... ouj summarturou' sin o{ti th'" eij" toV nika'n kaiV kratei'n dunavmew" tw'/ qew'/ ...

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Nika. What does the name Nika mean? The different meanings of the name Nika ... The meaning of the name “Nika” is different in several languages, countries ...

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Do you know him/her?- Gigikenimaa ina? ... Where are you going?- Aandi ezhaayan? ... Bear(s)- Makwa(g) Beaver(s)- ... Canadian Goose(geese)- Nika(g)



The meaning of many of the Klamath topographic names is involved in obscurity. ... other forms, which stu(dents of this language will readily understand when ..... a. out of, extend it, nIka wii'k, or ..... b e a r , v. t., c6na, idsna, fdshlna; cf. carry ; to ...