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Hudson's Guide: Men's Short Haircuts and the Barber Shop


Information for FTMs and other men about short hair styles, men's haircut names and ... Your barber may use warm lather and a straight razor to clean up the outlines of ... playing, shops that are quiet, shops that cater to military-style cuts, shops that do lots ... blades or plastic guard attachments to cut hair to a uniform leng...

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Clipper Sizes | Buzzcut Guide


Sep 5, 2014 ... Ever wondered what do different hair clipper sizes mean? ... and guard sizes that will guide you to straight to your ideal haircut. ... Speaking of which, blades and guide combs are the main accessories you need to take ... you must learn how to use the right hair clipper size for the style you .... barber clippers.

A Guide to Hair Clipper Sizes | Head Boo


We often hear in barbershops customers asking for a particular style via a number. ... And the barber will immediately understand, replacing an attachment on top of the ... These attachments are usually clipper blades and guards and vary in sizes. ... the number of the blade or guard used to achieve your perfectly styled look.

How to Give a "Fade" Haircut to Males: 15 Steps


A "Fade", "Faded", or "Flat Top" haircut is one that is very short on the bottom and ... While the hair is moist, find the part and comb the hair, styling it into the general ... You can use a higher number to get an even shave around the sides and back of ... moving part way down the head, leaving the top ...

"High and Tight" Haircut -- what size clips? - General Discussion ...


Apr 25, 2006 ... I've been searching Google but I can't find what size clips they use for the clippers ... Military Regulation high and tight or civilian equivalent? ... And if you do, can you say what clip sizes? ..... Anyway, in high school when I had that style haircut I used a 3 on top and 1 on the sides or I just used a 0 a...

Undercut Haircut Guide for Men | Undercut Hairstyle


Sep 2, 2015 ... A Guide on How to Cut the Perfect Undercut Haircut ... shape of the Undercut favors flat and slicked hair styles for men. You can read the rest of my website for more on hairstyles for the .... the Undercut relies on a single hair clipper length to be used across the ... It too comes with all clipper accessories.

Buzz Cuts – Very Short Hairstyles for Men – Cool Men's Hair


No matter what the latest style trend is, you still see the buzz cut everywhere. ... Since an extremely short haircut will tend to accentuate the jawline, men with ... But, use attachment in your hair clipper to cut your hair to longer lengths. .... and tight haircut can help save on barbershop costs whether you're are in the milita...

Tips to Get the Haircut You Really Want - Things Your Barber Wants ...


Jul 11, 2014 ... Clothing; Shoes; Accessories .... A client can ask to have hair cut naturally around the ears to create a ... a razor to cut the hair, which removes weight, lending to easier styling. ... A barber will use clippers all over, or no more than a finger's- length cut with scissors. We refer to these as military and buzz ...

Hairstyles for Men - A Guide to Mens Haircuts — Gentleman's Gazette


Jul 24, 2014 ... This guide is about hairstyles for men, or men's haircuts if you will. ... Ideally, you want to get your barber to keep about two inches on top but short on the ... The goal is more on top since this particular styles makes use of combing the .... By choosing a cut that doesn't suit your hair type, length or fac...

Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Men | The Idle Man


Accessories ... Your barber will buzz your hair with a clipper set to the closest setting – this is ... a number two blade on the sides and back and then cut finger length on top. ... For instance, you can use pomade to style this haircut with a neat side part. ... Yes, you guessed it right, this haircut is one of the military hairstyl...

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How To Cut Hair | Learn About Barber Clippers | Barber Education


Clippers are best used for shorter length haircuts and are necessary for skin ... Ideal for fades and the clipper over comb technique when doing a military style flat top for ... You can use plastic attachments on this clipper to get longer lengths.

Barber Speak: Guide To Clipper Guards | Bevel Code


Jul 30, 2015 ... Man getting his hair cut with Clippers ... you voluntarily sit under the blade for a style you might hate when you can freshen up your barbershop ...

Barber Clipper Guide - CityBarberShop


These clipper attachments (either guards or blades) are used to provide a ... by Wahl use attachment numbers to indicate the length of hair that will be left. ... Oster clippers which use Blades are often used in military barber shops (they are ... This would only apply to moderately short haircuts, as with very short cuts, the aim ...