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Pontiac or Obwandiyag (c. 1720 – April 20, 1769) was an Odawa war chief who became noted for his role in Pontiac's War (1763–1766), an American Indian struggle against British military occupation of the Great Lakes region and named for him. It followed the British victory in the French and Indian War, the North .... Pontiac was also the name of a popular automobile brand of General Motors, ...


Pontiac was a car brand that was owned, made, and sold by General Motors. Introduced as a ... It was named after the famous Ottawa chief who had also given his name to the city of Pontiac, Michigan where the car .... Also, 1958 was the last year Pontiac Motor Division would bear the "Indian" motif throughout the vehicle.


The leader of the Indian war of 1763 was the Ottawa chief named? Pontiac. ... What was the name of the Indian chief in Arizona who kept fighting? Geronimo.


Nov 10, 2015 ... Pontiac, the man, was an Ottawa war chief who allied with the ... Jeep discontinued the Cherokee brand in 2001 only to bring it back into ... So many car names inspired by Native American tribes and legends, so little space.


May 24, 2012 ... Did you grow up thinking of a car when you heard the word Pontiac? ... surname, when working with the Carlisle Indian School student names. ... helped to make Pontiac famous and began the myths about the Ottawa leader.


The following were chiefs or leaders of the Ottawa Indians. ... his plan was to make a sudden attack on all the British posts on the lakes at once, at St ... A county of Michigan was named in his honor, but the name was subsequently changed.


Make research projects and school reports about Pontiac easy with credible articles ... 1720-1769), Ottawa chief and leader of the famed uprising that bears his ... his tribes were under French influence during the French and Indian War. .... The city was named for the Ottawa chief Pontiac, who is said to be buried nearby.


One of the greatest Indian chiefs to appear on the American continent was ... The reservation where the Ottawa lived became a township named after them.


He was a famous Indian chief of the Ottawa tribe. ... He is also well remembered for participating in what was called Pontiac's Rebellion. Historians believe the ...


Information about the Odawa or Ottawa Indian tribe for students and teachers. ... The political leader of an Ottawa band is called a chief (gimaa or ogimaa in the Ottawa/Ojibway language.) ... What was Ottawa transportation like in the days before cars? ... Wampum beads were traded as a kind of currency, but they were more ...