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Volcanoes erupt due to pressure that the weight of the rocks puts on the magma and forces it to the surface out any available vent or exit provided to it. The magma is in a reservo...

Several factors trigger volcanic eruptions, including the buoyancy of magma, a build-up of pressure from the gases in the magma and an injection of new magma into a full magma chamber.
When a part of the earth's upper mantle or lower crust melts, magma forms. A volcano is essentially an opening or a vent through which this magma and the dissolved gases it contains are discharged.



Erupting volcanoes can pose many hazards, not only in the immediate ... from the core-mantle boundary in a fixed space that causes large-volume melting.

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A volcano begins as melted rock (magma) which rises from deep inside the earth toward the surface. As the gas-filled magma rises ...

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Volcanoes erupt because of density and pressure. The lower density of the magma relative to the surrounding rocks causes it to rise (like air bubbles in syrup).

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Nov 29, 1999 ... When a part of the earth's upper mantle or lower crust melts, magma forms. A volcano is essentially an opening or a vent through which this ...

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What disturbs the peaceful slumber of a volcano and makes it erupt? Find out the answer and see images of erupting volcanoes on PlanetSEED today.

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Jun 29, 2013 ... A quick and fun cartoon lesson about volcanoes. ... Why Volcanoes Erupt ..... HOW TO MAKE A VOLCANO Easy Kids Science Experiments ...

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May 20, 2009 ... But what's going on, how do volcanoes erupt? ... and temperatures, and this causes rock to melt and squeeze out of cracks in the rock.

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A secondary school revision resource for GCSE Geography covering key facts about volcanoes and volcanic eruptions.

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Q: What makes a volcano erupt?
A: What makes a volcano erupt? Volcanoes erupt once they reach the temperature of around 200 degrees Celsius. A volcano can even erupt ice if it reaches around -35... Read More »
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Q: What makes Hawaiian volcanoes erupt?
A: Nature. with plate tectonics and stuff. Read More »
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Q: What Chemical Reaction Makes a Volcano Erupt?
A: Volcanoes are geological formations with fissures or channels that lead deep into the molten lava core of the earth. The fissures in a volcano are filled with m... Read More »
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Q: What kind of mint makes fake volcanoes erupt?
A: There r alot well not 2 many but I can tell you the 1`s I know like if you put alot of baken soda there is spicy mint,sour mint,super extrime spicy sour minty m... Read More »
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Q: What powerful forces make volcanoes erupt? What is the biggist an...
A: What makes volcanoes erupt? Not a small question. In short, subduction and hot spots. The biggest and most active volcano is probably Kilauea on the big island,... Read More »
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