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Apr 5, 2016 ... Squirrels frequently aren't classified as hosta pests but don't mind eating hosta leaves during a drought and sometimes dig up plants.


Mar 18, 2015 ... What causes holes in hosta leaves? This is one of the most common questions associated with hosta plants. Essentially when bugs are eating ...


Mar 30, 2016 ... Other chompers who view the hosta plant as a buffet might be cutworms blister beetles and grasshoppers. These eat the leaves and chew into ...


I have a row of wonderful hostas, but each plant looks like it has tiny bullet holes on the leaves. I used Epsom salt ... More Bugs, Diseases & Weeds. Load More.


Animal pests feed on the leaves of the hosta plant. ... These furry creatures prefer eating the early shoots of the hosta in the spring; later in the season rabbits ...


Hostas are generally not bothered by disease, but several types of pests may feed upon the ... Visiting deer may eat an entire crown of several hosta plants.


The slug, another notorious hosta predator, may not technically be a bug, but is often classed with insects when it comes to plant-chompers. An integrated ...


Cutworms, grasshoppers and leaf beetles can cause significant damage to hostas. Aphids and ... Cutworms eat the meal and die. Caution. Test the homemade insecticide on the hosta before spraying the entire plant. Apply insecticide to a ...


I have some hosta I planted this spring, Golden Tiara. It is being eaten up. I can't find any worms on the plant so I am inclined to think it is slugs.


Shiny slime trails may be found on the leaves and ground around plants. ... Many insects may chew hosta leaves and stems, but the only way to determine the ... They eat leaves, leaving behind stalks with ragged cut edges from their habit of ...