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Unlike getting your ears pierced, tongue piercings are not as common. ... For example, genital and nipple piercings are far more likely to hurt than an earlobe ...

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Every piercing will hurt, for me my tongue just felt like a slight pinch. But the ... But everyone I know things their belly button hurt more than their tongue, too. ... -- Yeah i'm sure having your tongue pierced would be more pleasureable for oral.

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Nov 30, 2008 ... Best Answer: well never had a navel piercing but i got my tongue pierced 2 days ago along with my septum i was expecting the worst pain ever ...

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Jan 21, 2016 ... Recommendations for faster healing from your tongue piercing. ... The questions on most people's mind before having a tongue piercing are “Will it hurt to have my tongue pierced? ... It hurt a lot less than having anaesthetic injections into my mouth ... Hot and cold foods will make your mouth hurt more.

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Jan 12, 2016 ... Learn about how your tongue piercing heals and view a variety of different pictures. ... I am a smoker and I am already having problems cutting down. ... hurt me at all...to me biting my tongue hurt worse then getting it pierced.

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Sep 26, 2010 ... Show more ... days until the swelling goes down you need to eat soft foods. then its normal ... Really the pain is all in your head, :) it can be scary, but from my ... How much you payed by piercing ur tounge? bad eng im filipino.

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The tongue piercing is considered (by most who have had it done) to be ... It is a lot LESS painful than biting your tongue It is a little ...

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My tongue was the most painful piercing of mine. ... Though I hear it's more painful for guys, as mentioned above, but I don't know your gender. ... Not so painful that it's not worth having done if you want it. ... I did not think it was that bad when I got it, just pain for a second and then done, healed really easily.

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Sep 6, 2008 ... like my tongue..it didnt hurt to get it pierced, it just hurt after, when it started to ... Since then I've stretched them, that hurts more than piercing them. ... After 2 years it still had not completely healed and I was always having pain.

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Nov 20, 2007 ... Before Having a part of your body pierced is a very unique and personal experience. ... I find the lip piercing hurt way less than the lobe. ... That's probably why it hurt more when you got it done.. cuz it was done wrong. .... And I'm hell afraid of the pain of getting my tongue done, although everyone says it...

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May 6, 2015 ... What of the pain after you have already pierced your tongue? Uncover more on tongue piercing pain including relief, web tongue piercing pain, etc. ... a tongue piercing hurt more than belly button piercing or even more than ...

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Sep 27, 2007 ... I have a lower back tattoo, my belly button pierced, and my tongue pierced. I would have to ... Believe it or not, your tongue is the most painless piercing! ... My tongue piercing was a longer-lasting pain than any of my tattoos.

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Sep 3, 2007 ... I have my tongue pierced, and two cartlidge piercings and ive had my lip pierced. .. Just curious if any of those piercings hurt more than nipple piercings. (please only people ... for me (ear and nose). But your miledge may vary.