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If it's your ear lobes you're getting pierced, you don't have to worry... ... If it's a piercing anywhere else then they won't use a gun. They use a ... Having hard candy to suck on helps too. ... One last thing, for cartilage, it hurts more. ... Tongue piercing: If done by a skilled piercing artist, you will feel no...

The Risks of Tongue Piercing: 10 Ways It Hurts Your Mouth & Teeth ...


Nov 24, 2010 ... People want to get their tongue pierced for a variety of reasons. ... To learn more, read 10 Easy Ways to Chip or Crack Your Teeth. ... If you insist on having a tongue piercing, trying out a shorter barbell may ... If you were excited about having metal tongue jewelry and then end up having to wear a plastic ...

The Body Piercing Experience: What to Expect Before, During, and ...


Nov 20, 2007 ... Before Having a part of your body pierced is a very unique and personal experience. Like the ... I find the lip piercing hurt way less than the lobe. ... In all honesty, my second hole in my ear hurt more, haha. .... And I'm hell afraid of the pain of getting my tongue done, although everyone says it doesn't hur...

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Sep 6, 2008 ... like my tongue..it didnt hurt to get it pierced, it just hurt after, when it started to ... Since then I've stretched them, that hurts more than piercing them. ... After 2 years it still had not completely healed and I was always having pain.

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The tongue piercing is considered (by most who have had it done) to be the least painful ... It is a lot LESS painful than biting your tongue It is a little uncomfortable for a ... Smoking is allowed, however the more you smoke the slower it will heal, ...

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It does hurt more than just the lobes, but (to answer a common ... I don't remember if the act of piercing hurt more (I did get it done with a gun, ... I've had both ears, cartilage on one, tongue and navel done. ... Having a real piercer do the cartilage with a needle hurt less, since he did it properly and quickly.

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Ok so nipple piercing pain is different for males anf females. ... guy who did it that when he pierced my belly button it hurt way more than my nipples. NEVER numb anything before you get it pierced, cause one the numbness wears off your piercing ... Not so painful that it's not worth having done if you want it.

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I have already got my nose, tongue, ears x3, belly x4 and i have also got ... shoulder blade... is the pain any worse than these other piercings? or do i ... To be honest, all piercings will hurt to a certain extent so if you've got your heart set ... :evil: but it hasn't stoped me getting more or regretting having it done.

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Dec 25, 2014 ... Snake Eyes Piercing Pain & Procedure; 18 Snake Eyes Piercing Inspirational ... If you want to have snake eyes piercing then your tongue must be thick enough. ... Originally posted by pinterest · girl having snake eyes piercing ... it from piercers in the country, but it costs more if you want it done in the c...

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Ahhhhh! I'm piercing my tongue in a few days. ... it hurts after its done more so then getting it done they say .... You'll be telling others to do it just because of the great feeling of having that shiny piece of metal in your mouth

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Tongue Piercing Pain, Does It Hurt To Get Your Tongue Pierced?


What of the pain after you have already pierced your tongue? Uncover more on tongue piercing pain including relief, web tongue piercing pain, etc. ... a tongue piercing hurt more than belly button piercing or even more than nose piercing for  ...

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Unlike getting your ears pierced, tongue piercings are not as common. ... For example, genital and nipple piercings are far more likely to hurt than an earlobe ...

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Mar 31, 2007 ... He said it hurt worse getting his ears guage bigger than getting his ... I don't regret my tongue piercing at all I have had it over a year and love it.

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Sep 10, 2012 ... A lot of people say that getting their nose done hurt a lot! ... A needle going through a harder surface will be more painful than a skin piercing. ... If the piercing is on your ear, you should be super careful while .... The double punch of the needle, THEN having to thread the bar through both holes again- ouch.

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Feb 16, 2013 ... Thanks to Aaliyah for filming :) didnt hurt that bad :) ... It all depends on your pain tolerance but over all I think nose hurts more. I'm getting my ...